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Voice of Blockchain

“Be a Voice, not an echo.”

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On August 24th and 25th crypto enthusiasts from all across Chicago and the world gathered at Navy Pier to experience the “Voice of Blockchain.” The Chicago Blockchain Project brought together Leaders, Voices, and Builders of all kinds for exhibits, speakers and more. The event was split into four tracks innovation, social good, fintech, and buidl so attendees could focus on what they value. There were three stages for speakers and panels on a range of topics centered around blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you missed the event, you can check out our very own Hannah Rosenberg moderating the Solving Scalability panel below.

At the heart of Voice of Blockchain was Lamboland, a creative lounge for Youtubers, bloggers and podcasters. This is where our team set up camp for the event. You can see our interviews with the many “Voices” that make up this space below.

Away from the noise of speakers and networking the Buidl Academy was a space for developers to get certifications that are held on a blockchain and could even be integrated with your LinkedIn.

Voice of Blockchain focused on education, diversity and creating high-quality content for our community, not hype or speculation.

Missed the event? No worries, we have you covered. Check out our photos and videos from the event below!

Check out the panel discussion “Solving Scalability” from The Voice of Blockchain.

Solving Scalability – Voice of Blockchain

This panel discussion “Solving Scalability” from the Voice of Blockchain event at Navy Pier in Chicago was moderated by Hannah Rosenberg and featured Jimmy Song, Marco Peereboom, Colin LeMahieu, and Frédéric Fortier

We had a chance to interview the “Voices” at Voice of Blockchain 2018. See what they have to say below!

Big Data Analysis for Everyone with Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen CEO of Big Data Block talks about the high cost of big data analytics and his company’s solution to make it accessible for everyone.

No-Nonsense Blockchain Knowledge with Roni Rose

BlockchainBea is a podcast, facebook group, and partnership network started by Roni Rose. They provide blockchain information for non-technical individuals.

Making WAVES on the Blockchain with James Galvin

At Voice of Blockchain 2018, we sat down with Waves Ambassador James Galvin to discuss the strides that Waves has made and where they plan to go next.

Empowering Women of Color in Blockchain with Lindsay Nuon

At Voice of Blockchain 2018, we chatted with Lindsay Nuon founder of Women of Color in Blockchain and co-founder of Stranger Labs.

EZBlockchain Mining with Sergii Gerasymovych at the Voice of Blockchain 2018

We chatted with Sergii Gerasymovych of EZ Blockchain, an organization with a goal of helping others get involved in blockchain mining easily.

An Interview With Lanre Sarumi CEO of Level Trading Field

Lanre Sarumi CEO of Level Trading Field talks about and how they plan to lower the barrier of entry for retail investors by offering them the tools to succeed.

An Interview with Seth Rubin of MARKET Protocol

Seth Rubin, CEO and Cofounder of MARKET Protocol, discusses being a derivatives trader and how he has grown and managed multiple algorithmic trading desks.

An Interview with Jay Berg of Protoblock

We talked with Protoblock’s founder and CEO Jay Berg. Protoblock lets you earn rewards for accurate fantasy football projections.

An Interview with Bill Ulivieri of Cenacle Capital Management

Bill Ulivieri discuss the growth of the cryptocurrency market, investor interest, and what he sees for the future of cryptocurrency.

Chris Gonyo and Izzy Idonije of Crypto Key Stack

Crypto Key Stack founders Chris Gonyo, and Israel Idonije give a rundown on the benefits of their device and why you need to control your own private keys.