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Here are various blog posts from different sections of our site! We have articles that cater to various blockchain interests. Enjoy exploring the world of blockchain, whether it be technical information, resource guides, entertaining articles, blockchain comedies, music, and the list runs on!


Passing the Baton


Have you missed us? Wondering where we’ve been? We’re still here, we promise! You have probably noticed by now that our posts on WTF have crawled to a standstill. Don’t worry the crypto winter hasn’t stopped us from continuing to put out FREE educational content!

Blog State_of_Mine

A Blockchain State of Mine


The proof-of-work model is used to mine many of today’s top digital currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

Blog Without A College Degree

$84K Without A College Degree


With the cost of a degree continually going up, today’s students need to consider what skills they are going to need to be successful.

Blog ZK-Snarky

Getting Snarky: A Brief Look At zk-SNARKs


What are ZK-SNARKS? Zero-Knowledge, Succinct, Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge…yeah that’s a lot to take in. Check out this article for a brief look into ZK-SNARKS.

Blog Gambling

Online Gamblers Love Bitcoin!


The online gaming industry is expected to experience continued growth, and that’s good news for bitcoin and the gamblers that love it.

Blog Fantasy Gamer dApps

Fantasy Gamers Earn Crypto with dApps


Gamers are all too familiar with in-game currencies, but what if you could take the coins out of the game? That’s exactly what these five dApps let you do.

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