WTF is Status? A Decentralized Messenger & Browser for dApps

Beyond being a decentralized messenger, Status also functions as a browser for dApps. Learn all you can do with Status and the start of web 3.0.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #42: Charlie Lee

As a creator of a very successful cryptocurrency, who also helped make Coinbase one of the top exchanges, Charlie Lee has definitely moved the chain.

Blockchain Technology for Trust, Shipping, & the Supply Chain

While blockchains may not revolutionize the supply chain overnight, there is a gradual shift towards using BCT and IOT to transform trust in supply chains.

Sacramento Kings are getting into crypto — through mining!

The Sacramento Kings have recently announced that they will start mining Ether. Learn about how they are getting involved with business on the blockchain!

Zcash Forecast: 3 ZEC Price Predictions For The Coming Years

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency that was created to provide users with enhanced privacy. Some believe it’s just beginning. Here’s 3 ZEC price predictions.

What is the Augur prediction market? It’s got some updates coming soon!

Augur is a prediction market platform with unique betting opportunities. On July 9th they’ll be deploying to the Ethereum mainnet. We cover the essentials!

The Binance Boom

Founded in 2017, Binance has quickly become the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the game. Learn about the exchange and who’s behind it’s success!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #41: The CryptoChicks Founders

CryptoChick’s founders, Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline, are helping move the chain by educating people and getting women involved in blockchain tech!

Augur – A Decentralized Prediction Market Platform

Augur is a decentralized network, using peer-to-peer technology, that works to accurately predict events through reputation & community. Learn about Augur!

Coinbase Custody – An Update on the Coinbase Expansions!

Coinbase Custody is providing security services that allow more money to get into cryptocurrency, and it is heping advance business on the blockchain.

Bringing Privacy to Social Media – Blockchain in Action

Privacy on social media is a big concern for a lot of users. Some projects are trying to use blockchain to aid in greater privacy on these networks.

When It Comes To Blockchain Ratings, One Country Says Ethereum Is #1

The Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology has created a system to rate blockchain projects. Bitcoin wasn’t at the top. Check out the scores!

Microsoft and Ernst & Young – Business on the Blockchain

Microsoft and Ernst & Young have announced their intention to create a blockchain solution designed to manage content rights and royalties. Learn about the project here!

WTF is Stellar, Stellar Lumens, and Their Partnership with IBM?

Stellar is built on the idea of exchanging value, with the ulitmate goal of becoming the future of banking. They have some partnerships lined up!

Dash Could Be Headed To The Super Bowl

Last year, Dash founder Evan Duffield made headlines when he playfully stated that the company had enough money for a Super Bowl ad. Maybe running a Dash Super Bowl commercial in the future isn’t out of the realm of possibility.