A-Z: What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?


What are cryptocurrency exchanges, and why would I use one? These exchanges are often how people first buy and sell crypto! Learn all about them here!

Mega Tron: 3 Tron Price Predictions for the Future

TRX is one of the hottest tokens on the market right now, & some folks believe the best is yet to come. Here’s three Tron Price Predictions for the future!

Business on the Blockchain: Coinbase Suite – Ep. 010

Coinbase just made a big move in the crypto space with Coinbase Suite! This Coinbase expansion means an updated business model with many new services.

WTF is… the difference between tokens versus coins?

Most people use these terms interchangeably, however this is not exactly correct. There’s a subtle difference between cryptocurrencies, tokens versus coins.

Hannah Rosenberg of Velas Commerce Talks Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Hannah Rosenberg is a fixture in the Chicago blockchain community. Our interview touches on all things crypto, blockchain based e-commerce, & more!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #33: Ohmar Bam (a.k.a. Crypt0)

Ohmar Bam (aka Crypt0) has created an incredible crypto community online. By utilizing outlets like YouTube, Bam’s become a big player in informing us all!

Bitcoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?

The bitcoin blockchain was the first of its kind, created in 2008 in response to the financial crisis. Its functions serve as the blockchain tech & a token.

Business on the Blockchain: Bitcoin Futures – Ep. 009

There’s a new tool that Bill Gates could use to short bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Futures. So what are they, and is it good for bitcoin? We’ll explain.

Blockchain in Action: Guns on the Chain

Gun control is a big US debate today. Using blockchain to track firearms has been offered as a solution for government agencies in the US.

A-Z: What are Distributed Ledgers?


Distributed ledgers are a type of database, and a blockchain technologies functions as one. So what exactly does distributed ledger mean? We explain it all!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #32: Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan has significantly helped ensure the security of crypto assets in event of a persons’ passing. This attorney is helping Move the Chain!

WTF is… the ERC-721 Token Standard?

WTF is ERC-721, you ask? It’s a non-fungible token standard designed to represent assets on the blockchain. We’ll break down exactly what that means!

A-Z: What is Centralization and Decentralization?


What is centralization and decentralization? The concepts are opposites of each other, but both are essential for understanding blockchain technology!

WTF is… the Scalability Trilemma?

Blockchain projects are trying to scale the tech without compromising fundamental components of it. This is dubbed the scalability trilemma.

Blockchain in Action: Helping Democracy Thrive – Secure Voting Systems

Blockchain has the potential to transform how we vote. Utilizing blockchain technology for secure voting systems can increase efficiency & accountability.