Coinflash, Cryptocurrency, and Entrepreneurship with Louis LaPat

WEe sat down with creator Louis Lapat to talk about Coinflash, cryptocurrency, & how we can get new users involved in cryptocurrency. Hear his unique take!

Business on the Blockchain: Long Blockchain Corp. – Ep. 006

This project that could be filed under Business on the Blockchain gone wrong. Long Blockchain Corp. tried to ride the blockchain wave but wiped out.

WTF is… an ICO?

ICO Stands for Initial Coin Offering & is a play on the popular term “IPO”‘ standing for Initial Public Offering. Learn about what these ICOs are with us!

Looking for Love? Three Blockchain Based Dating Apps

Some people are searching for love using blockchain & bitcoin! These blockchain based dating apps can provide better security & transparency. Here’s 3 to try!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #28: Arianna Simpson

Arianna Simpson is an entrepreneur, author, & bitcoin advocate who’s moving the chain forward & getting women involved. Learn about Simpson’s work here!

Part 2 of Jeremy Cogan on Teaching Blockchain at the Dallas Superconference

Jeremy Cogan spoke about our goals, teaching blockchain and bitcoin, & how to convey concepts to beginners at the Superconference in Dallas, TX!

ETHLend: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Need a loan but sick of dealing with banks? Check out ETHLend, a peer-to-peer project that is bringing microloans using smart contracts to the crypto-space!

What are the differences between public and private blockchains? Ask an Expert!

Taylor Gerring explains the differences between public and private blockchains, why they are important, and what they both offer to companies & communities.

The “Ethereum Of The East:” NEO Price Predictions For 2018 & Beyond

While it is already one of the most successful Asian cryptocurrency projects to date, some experts believe NEO’s value will increase exponentially in the months ahead. Here’s three NEO price predictions for 2018 & beyond!

Part 1 of Jeremy Cogan at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Superconference

Our content writer & blockchain educator, Jeremy Cogan, spoke about our goals, teaching about bitcoin, and how to convey concepts to beginners at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Superconference!

WTF is… EIP-960?!?

On April 1, Vitalik Buterin tweeted to a GitHub proposal, EIP-960, that would create a Ether supply limit. We give you the details of what it entails here!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #27: Ashton Kutcher

While being an actor, Ashton Kutcher is also an investor. One who is quite a proponent for decentralized technologies like blockchain. He’s helping move the chain!

LBRY: Blockchain Token – What is it?

LBRY is a decentralized multimedia solution that allows for sharing content and giving credit and payments to content creators. It is positioning itself to be a viable alternative to YouTube, all while using a blockchain.

From Digital Cats To Countries: Exploring The Crypto-collectibles Craze

Collectibles are turning digital! Thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology, a new generation of crypto-collectibles has emerged. Here are three you can try today!

Ask an Expert: What are ERC20 tokens?

ERC20 tokens are subtokens built on the Ethereum network. In particular, ERC20 refers to a specific token standard to help ensure compatibility between token interfaces. Taylor explains how this works in more detail in this episode of Ask an Expert.