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WTF Productions is a sub-section of Blockchain WTF.

Blockchain UnicornWe record, edit, and publish content we’ve filmed from various events and projects, specifically in the Chicago-area, since that is our base right now. We have recorded various events focused around blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We’ve covered talks about Decentralized Truth by Andreas Antonopoulos, estate planning for crypto, venture capitalism, as well as covering different projects like PinkCoin, Hyperlending, Molecular Future, and many more! Below you can find all of the videos of the talks we’ve produced, and links to even more, or you can click on each respective project for the footage from that one specifically!

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference – Jeremy Cogan

Part 1 of Jeremy Cogan at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Superconference

Our content writer & blockchain educator, Jeremy Cogan, spoke about our goals, teaching about bitcoin, and how to convey concepts to beginners at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Superconference!

Part 2 of Jeremy Cogan on Teaching Blockchain at the Dallas Superconference

Jeremy Cogan spoke about our goals, teaching blockchain and bitcoin, & how to convey concepts to beginners at the Superconference in Dallas, TX!

Andrew Gordon on Cryptocurrency Law & Taxation

Cryptocurrency Law and Taxation with Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon clarifies cryptocurrency taxation laws, as well as discussing the special Chicago blockchain community & how he got involved.

An Interview with Louis LaPat of Coinflash

Coinflash, Cryptocurrency, and Entrepreneurship with Louis LaPat

We sat down with creator Louis Lapat to talk about Coinflash, cryptocurrency, & how we can get new users involved in the space. Hear his unique take!

Bitcoin & Open Blockchain (BoB) Community Meetup of Chicago

BoB MeetUp: Pamela Morgan – Estate Planning with Cryptocurrencies

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, many have neglected to address what will happen to their crypto in the case of death or severe injury. Pamela Morgan, an estate planner, breaks this down!

BoB MeetUp: Alyse Killeen – Venture Capital in the Crypto Space

Alyse Killeen speaks at mHub Chicago in October 2017 on Venture Capital in the cryptocurrency space. She also discusses decentralization & Satoshi’s vision!

BoB Meetup: Andreas Antonopoulos – The Decentralization of Truth

Watch Andreas Antonopoulos talk at mHub Chicago on October 29, 2017. He discusses the “decentralization of truth” in the new realm of blockchains.

BoB Meetup Q&A – Chicago, IL, October 29th, 2017

Watch a panel of blockchain all-stars field audience questions in a Q&A session! The panel features Andreas Antonopoulos, Alyse Killeen, Pamela Morgan, and MK Lords. Each spoke at mHub Chicago on October 29, 2017.

Chicago Blockchain Project

Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup: The Financial Enterprise – 11/13/2017

Hosted by Disruption Joe, the Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup on November 13, 2017 focused on financial enterprise on the blockchain & different projects working to achieve that.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Taylor Gerring Part 1

The blockchain community is growing & on 12/8 the most influential blockchain voices in Chicago gathered to show you the technology behind the recent rapid gain in crypto.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Jeremy Cogan Part 2

This video features Jeremy Cogan of Blockchain.WTF, a media and production company focused on educating everyone on blockchain technology. He spoke at Blockchain in Chicago about our mission to educate.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Danny Johnson on Pinkcoin Part 3

In this video, Danny Johnson of PinkCoin – a digital currency looking to change the non-profit sector – delivers a lightning talk at the Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala. This is Part 3 in a series of 4 installments from this event!

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Marquis Davis on Urban Array Part 4

In Part 4 of our videos from Blockchain in Chicago’s Winter Gala event, Marquis Davis – the founder of Urban Array – discusses his project, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies!

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Aleks Veloski on Ethventures Part 5

Aleks Velkoski of Ethventures, experts on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, talks at Blockchain in Chicago’s Winter Gala event. Ethventures fund investments, applied R&D, and education. They’ve increased focus on distributed ledger applications at the intersection of AI & Machine Learning.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Hyperlending Part 6

The Chicago blockchain community gathered on December 8th, 2017 to hear some of the most influential blockchain voices in Chicago. This video is on HyperLending, a platform that allows holders of digital assets to leverage their holdings as collateral for cash loans.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Dr. Huining Cao of CKGSB Part 7

This video features Dr. Huining Cao of CKGSB. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is a private, non-profit educational institution. They have been leading the way in their research of the blockchain. Check out this video to see how they are educating their students on blockchain technology!

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – The Gala Panel Part 8

Moderated by Hannah Rosenberg, this panel features Joe Renz of NewMobility, Chang Wan Han of Purdue University, and Heather Sullivan of Marquette University. The topics include blockchain applications, the Internet of things, and educating university level students on blockchain technology.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – Molecular Future Part 9

Molecular Future is an innovative financial investment service company registered in the a one-stop digital asset investment service platform jointly funded by Molecular Group, HBCC, XBTING Fund, HCASH Foundation and Collistar Capital. They advise on blockchain investments and related products.

Blockchain in Chicago Winter Gala – CollinStar Capital Part 10

CollinStar is an asset management company specializing in blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investment and relevant consulting services. Collinstar Capital aims to provide high quality financial services to corporate clients, high net worth individuals and individual investors.