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Blockchain (n.) a digital ledger which is maintained communally by a distributed network of independent nodes. More
Node (n.) a computer that participates by running software to create a distributed network with other computers. More
Distributed Network (n.) a network of computers (nodes) that cooperate by each running the same software. More
Digital Ledger (n.) a communal computer database which is signed with encrypted keys to ensure that transactions are kept secure. More
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Welcome to Web 3

Cryptocurrencies have already begun to revolutionize the financial industry, but it’s just the beginning. The underlying technology behind these systems is called blockchain, and it’s already being applied across every industry where shared information between collaborators is necessary. With the shift of trust and authority from centralized systems to collaborative networks, a new society is emerging which escapes many of the rules of the past.

At Blockchain.wtf, we believe in the potential of a decentralized economy, so you can count on regular new content and updates on industry norms. Let us know if you’ve got questions that we haven’t answered yet. Get started with our basics portal below, and sit back and relax as our team explains cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the new future.


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