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Bitcoin: Granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies


Introduced during the midst of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 by an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto (which might be more than 1 person! Check out our mystery series exploring who he/she is), Bitcoin debuted as a “peer-to-peer electronic currency.”

One of Bitcoin’s defining characteristics is its limited issuance. Like gold, you cannot simply make more—there is only a limited amount of that atomic element on Earth. Similarly, Bitcoin has a hard-coded 21 million unit limit. No more than that will every be created, and yet if it takes off, it is infinitely divisible beyond 8 decimal places.  Below is more information for you to learn about bitcoin, as well as a listing of the best Bitcoin information resources online.

What is Bitcoin?

what is bitcoin



Bitcoin.com is a fantastic resource for information about the Bitcoin ecosystem and Community. In addition to Bitcoin information and guides, Bitcoin.com contains its own discussion forum. More on discussion locations down below!


Bitcoin StackExchange

Bitcoin Stack Exchange is the best place to ask and answer technical questions related to the Bitcoin network and development. If you have a specific question about Bitcoin, especially technical in nature, then this is the best place to get an answer from top Bitcoin experts!

Bitcoin Wiki

Bitcoin Wiki is a great resource for technical information about how Bitcoin currently and historically worked. The information is more organized, and less Q&A like StackExchange. For the basics on how Bitcoin works under-the-hood, the Bitcoin wiki has been a great starting resource.


Because Bitcoin was introduced by a pseudonymous person, there is no “official” outlets. Instead, the community is loosely organized and takes place in a variety of locations both on- and offline. Some popular ones include Reddit’s /r/btc and /r/bitcoin. One of the oldest forums is BitcoinTalk, whereas Bitcoin.com Forums are much newer.

Bitcoin Forks

Bitcoin has forked many times since its creation in 2008. Below you can compare the different chains of bitcoin and their functionalities.

Bitcoin forks

Network Statistics

Bitcoin Charts & Graphs are available for a wide variety of metrics from one of the oldest Bitcoin websites. For data nerds, Blockchain.com offers a comprehensive set of Bitcoin information charts as well as a block explorer and variety of other services.

And of course, if you know all the hot places to learn and talk about Bitcoin, you probably know places to shop and spend bitcoin online. If you don’t, check it out now!

What is Mining?

how does bitcoin mining work

Bitcoin Price Predictions

Here are various price predictions for bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) in 2018 & the years ahead!

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