An Interview with Tor Bair of Enigma

1 min read

Enigma is using groundbreaking privacy technologies to build the first platform for scalable, end-to-end decentralized applications, and we sat down with their Head of Growth and Marketing, Tor Bair. Tor goes over the importance of private and scalable blockchain solutions, how he got into the field, the Chicago blockchain scene and more!

00:09 – When did you first hear about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

01:13 – What is Enigma trying to accomplish within the blockchain space?

02:36 – How can you effectively compute while maintaining decentralization?

03:33 – What is a “Secret Contract”?

04:28 – What type of information would be kept private, and what kind of applications does Enigma open up?

05:50 – How is it being part of a decentralized team?

07:14 – What makes the Enigma community so active?

08:29 – What is your take on the Chicago crypto/blockchain scene?

09:55 – What’s next for Enigma?

11:13 – What is the Enigma Ambassadors Program?

To learn more about Enigma check out their Website and Blog

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