2nd International Blockchain Congress

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IBC Speakers

On August 17, the Innovation and Development Foundation hosted the 2nd International Blockchain Congress. The event took place at the state-of-the-art AON Center conference facility in the heart of Chicago. Leaders in law, business, and government all attended in order to gain a better understanding of how blockchain could affect their respective industries.

The leading experts from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Australia, and North America came together to synchronize global expertise related to blockchain technology and smart contracts.

50 speakers from five continents and over fifteen countries attended including; Giorgi Vashadze founder of IDF, Alexandra Tinsman head of NEM North America, Wulf Kaal Founder at Semada.io, Raymond Cheong Founder of GBDA and many more!

Curious what the international community has to say about Blockchain Technology? Check out the photos and videos from the event below!

George Chikovani Opens the IBC

IBC Welcoming Remarks

Keynote Speech: George Vashadze - Founder of IDF

Keynote Speech: Alexandra Tinsman - Head of NEM North America

Keynote Speech: Wulf Kaai - Founder at Semada.io

Panel: Crypto Trading: 2018

Panel: Smart Contracts in 2030

Panel: Blockchain Trends: Government Healthcare & Insurance

Lightning Talk: Charu Singhai - What is Token Guardian?

Lightning Talk: John Wong - Coinbene

Lightning Talk: Mike Wons - Five Big Bets in a Blockchain World

Lightning Talk: Izzy Nelken - Smart Contracts in Commodities

Lightning Talk: Parind Hash - Venture Management and Blockchain

Lightning Talk: Charles Kwon - The Key to Creating Value in the Decentralized Economy

Fireside Chat: Raymond Cheong and George Chikovani

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