BoB Meetup – Chicago

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chicagoChicago has quite an expansive blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and it is only growing! On October 29th of 2017, the Bitcoin & Open Blockchain (BoB) Community in Chicago held one of their many meetups. They started their meetups in January of 2016, with only twenty-something members. Today, they have over 2,000 members, and this event was fully booked.

Their Meetup page states:

“This group is about bitcoin, open blockchains, decentralization, and innovation. We host regular events, alternating between learning {workshops} and community building {socials}.”

The October 29th event featured Andreas Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan, and Alyse Killeen, speaking about a variety of topics. Below are overviews of their talks, and the videos of each one, which Blockchain WTF filmed.

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BoB MeetUp: Pamela Morgan – Estate Planning with Cryptocurrencies

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, many have neglected to address what will happen to their crypto in the case of death or severe injury. Pamela Morgan, an estate planner, breaks this down!

BoB MeetUp: Alyse Killeen – Venture Capital in the Crypto Space

Alyse Killeen speaks at mHub Chicago in October 2017 on Venture Capital in the cryptocurrency space. She also discusses decentralization & Satoshi’s vision!

BoB Meetup: Andreas Antonopoulos – The Decentralization of Truth

Watch Andreas Antonopoulos talk at mHub Chicago on October 29, 2017. He discusses the “decentralization of truth” in the new realm of blockchains.

BoB Meetup Q&A – Chicago, IL, October 29th, 2017

Watch a panel of blockchain all-stars field audience questions in a Q&A session! The panel features Andreas Antonopoulos, Alyse Killeen, Pamela Morgan, and MK Lords. Each spoke at mHub Chicago on October 29, 2017.

Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated by the Chicago community!

The Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Community Meetup of Chicago celebrated the famous Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22nd by bringing together the Chicago crypto community! Blockchain WTF was there sponsoring the event.