Where to spend bitcoins online

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Where to Spend Bitcoin Online

Where can I spend bitcoin?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people new to cryptocurrency is, “What can I buy with bitcoin?” While it’s easy to pay for pretty much anything with bitcoin (assuming the seller is willing to accept it), most people want to know where to spend bitcoin. The first item ever purchased with bitcoin was a pizza! Luckily, there are many more options today, and a variety of products and services you can pay for with digital currency. Did you know that you can book a flight without giving up your address? All you need to do is pay with bitcoin!

Furnishing, Clothes, Electronics

overstock bitcoin


Overstock is an essential resource simply because they offer so many things for sale! You can furnish an entire house inside and out and pay for it all in cryptocurrency. If you haven’t already shopped there, what are you waiting for? Go check them out!


Amazon (via Purse.io)

While Amazon doesn’t directly accept bitcoin, it’s possible to save 15% or more on products offered on their website. All it takes is a trip over to Purse to get started. With “Buy it Now” purchases, a 5% is the standard savings rate. But if you’re want to save a bit more, try and name your discount! “Earners” buy products with gift cards in exchange for bitcoin. Everyone saves!


Are you hungry? Only have bitcoin?

There are numerous restaurants around the world that accept bitcoin as payment. The website Bitcoin Restaurants has restaurants in the United States that accept bitcoin. So if you are at home, or traveling, and want to use your crypto for your lunch or dinner, this is a site to check out! There are other restaurants and coffee shops around the world that accept bitcoin, but there is not currently a singular site that lists them for you.

Online Services

Because bitcoin is a digital money that lives on the internet, a natural thing to spend bitcoins on is digital services. Given increased concern for online privacy, paying with cryptocurrency like bitcoin allows you to transfer value without transmitting personal info. This gives you an extra layer of financial privacy, since there is less data to be stolen.

name cheap

Namecheap offers a variety of services if you want to run a website or business online. Not only domain names, but also SSL certificates, hosting, and a variety of other services are available through NameCheap. All you have to do is add funds to your account through bitcoin, and then shop away!

tunnel bear


TunnelBear is one of several VPN services. If you’ve never used one of these services before, it’s like adding an extra layer of encryption to everything you do! Typically, your ISP can see everything you do, including every website you visit. But when you use a VPN service, a new encrypted connection is formed between your computer and an endpoint of your choosing, hiding what you do from your internet service provider and location-based advertisers.

Video Games & Applications

Microsoft and bitcoin


Using BitPay, Microsoft allows customers trade in your bitcoin at market value and add it to your Microsoft account. Although it is currently available as a payment method, they have previously removed this option more than once, (updated January 2018). Their wishy-washy decisions on bitcoin payments are a bit annoying, but for now you have the option to use your bitcoins to pay for video games or applications with your Microsoft account! Read this Microsoft blog post about it if you want to know how to use your bitcoins with Microsoft!

Games Planet

Games Planet

Games Planet is another digital gaming commerce site that also accepts bitcoin, through the use of BitPay.

Minecraft Server

Minecraft has a server, called BitQuest, that runs using a bitcoin monetary system! Right now, it is pretty much an experiment for having a bitcoin economy within their gaming platform. When playing you can find, earn, and use Bits (bits of a bitcoin)! You can also make bitcoin donations at the bottom of this page using the QR code.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a site that accepts bitcoin for purchasing a bunch of digital games. The site also serves as a community forum for discussions, and they also have some hardware for purchase.

Gift Cards

egifter blockchain


eGifter serves as another great way to spend bitcoin and turn it into tangible real-world stuff. They have a large selection of gift cards from Burger King to Amazon to Celebrity Cruises!



Another gift card purchasing site that accepts bitcoin is Gyft. They have a huge selection of gift cards too; you can even get a Starbucks gift card to pay for your coffee!




Expedia is well-known for offering competitive rates on a variety of travel services Although it isn’t possible to pay for airfare with Expedia, hotels are absolutely bookable with bitcoin! So use your hard earned crypto on a nice hotel for your trip or vacation!



CheapAir is not only one of the most cost-efficient ways to book air travel. One of the coolest aspects is that when paying with bitcoin, you no longer have to fill out the address form. Skipping this speeds up the checkout process significantly!

Ships & Trips Travel

Ships & Trips Travel is a travel site where you can book cruises or land vacations in bitcoin, and with a specialized vacation package. If you are looking to purchase a fully-prepped vacation with hotels, tours, cruises, and all, PLUS pay for it in bitcoin, these guys got your back.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic: want to go to space?!

Maybe you are a full-on adventurer with a lot of bitcoin. You can now book space-travel with Virgin Galactic. Yes, you heard that right, Virgin airlines has a spin-off called Virgin Galactic, which will take you into space! They are not taking off just yet, but you can still book space-flights if you want!

Tipping & Donating


You can make donations and provide tips in bitcoin. The Wikimedia Foundation is one that accepts donations in bitcoin, and you can also buy a Reddit Gold membership in crypto.

BitGive is a charity that accepts donations primarily in bitcoin, and they are focused on revolutionizing charitable organizations through the use of bitcoin and blockchain technologies. BitGive is creating a blockchain-based platform for charities to use, called GiveTrack. GiveTrack is a donation tracking and donor engagement platform, which provides accountability for donors and nonprofits and the ability to track donations and see where they are truly spent, publicly and veritably.

Coinbase also has a feature that allows you to be a ‘merchant’ and accept bitcoin as payment or from donations.

Spending Bitcoin in Person

SpendBitcoins‘ website is an incredible database that allows you to look up a variety of places that accept bitcoin in your local area, or wherever you are traveling to. You can search different products or places (i.e. restaurants, spas, home services), and they have a huge 100,000 plus merchants in their directory.

More than cryptocurrency

Using bitcoin is only the beginning. For more information, including how to track the status of your payment transaction, head over to our Bitcoin information & resource guide.