Identity & Reputation

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If the anonymity makes you wonder about how we’ll deal with trust and reputation online, then you’re not alone. In fact, we already have digital identities online that is made up of all our data uploaded to social media and other websites. The major problem is that we don’t own or control that data! By applying blockchain to this area, we enable digital uniqueness that will help us humans deal with an increasingly digital world. If identity & reputation is an area that’s of interest to you, we have news and stories just for you!

Do You Own Your Own Face?

Protecting one’s physical face from harm is always a good idea, but protecting what our faces represent -our identity- is becoming every bit as an important in the digital age.

uPort – Protecting Your Identity

uPort, a decentralized open identity system, may be the answer to the broken way companies handle your private information.

Civic – Take Control of Your Digital Identity

Civic is attempting to give businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect their digital identities using their Secure Identity Platform.

WTF is Polkadot? The Future of Interconnected Blockchains

A blockchain enabled world will likely have more than one blockchain. Polkadot is aiming to build the network that connects them all!

Blockchain Technology to Resolve Real Estate’s Problems

Whether you’re a renter, a real estate agent or want to own a portion of commercial real estate, blockchain is changing how all of those transactions occur.

Augur – A Decentralized Prediction Market Platform

Augur is a decentralized network, using peer-to-peer technology, that works to accurately predict events through reputation & community. Learn about Augur!

Blockchain Technology Needs to Be Changing Education

Technology has significantly impacted the education sector in the past decades. Blockchain offers a great way to better our education systems & security.

ICO or NO: Episode 22 Latium

Latium is trying to create a marketplace through an application that will allow jobs/tasks to be posted and assigned, with reputation rankings integrated!

ICO or NO: Episode 21 AppCoin

AppCoin is trying to address inefficiencies that exist in the app stores by eliminating middlemen. Their vision is to create a decentralized marketplace!

Swarm City: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Swarm City, formerly Arcade City, is a platform in which a peer-to-peer, sharing economy can take place securely using the Ethereum blockchain.

Steem: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform that focuses on rewarding and incentivizing users and content creators. Episode 14 of Blockchain Token explains Steem’s platform & ideology.

How Blockchain Technology Is Changing the Way Fantasy Football Is Played

Some companies are working to implement blockchain technology to fantasy football gaming systems. They can use this for rewards and greater security for users on these platforms!

Photography on Blockchain

Blockchain technology offers a great way for artists, like photographers, to gain back rights over their content, and in the future, to properly receive payment or recognition for their work. Blockchain, acting as a ledger, can record the original artists work, and keep a verifiable track of where it’s been and how it’s been used, allowing the artist to receive easy payment. Read more about how blockchains will impact photography and artists!

Blockchains’ Plausible Impacts on Education & Learning

Our current education system has some problems they have yet to overcome. As technology becomes more widely adapted, more issues appear on the horizon. School systems and universities need secure ways to store student data and verify credentials. This article discusses these problems and how we can overcome them with blockchain technology.

Blockchain Could Be the End of Corrupt Charities

Several individuals want to make the world a better place by donating to their charity of choice, but many are left with the unsettling question of how their money is actually being spent. Corruption is prevalent amongst charities.

Blockchain technology could offer reduction in transaction costs, increased transparency, and overall a raise trust in the legitimacy of charities. Read how blockchains can help accomplish this here!

Blockchain & Freelancing

Millennials are rewriting the scripts for a career. They’re choosing to freelance and use blockchain technology to boot traditional 9-5 jobs and apply their creativity. New technologies like blockchain offer so many new opportunities for people to apply their skills and talents and find jobs that suit them.

Get a feel with a first-hand story by Becca, Blockchain WTF’s Social Media star!

Medical Records Can Greatly Benefit From Blockchain Technology

While the discussion in 2017 has largely been within the insurance industry and the repeal of Obamacare–also known as the ACA–other issues have become glaringly obvious. Costs surrounding healthcare have soared, owing to a variety of factors. Without question, though, issues existed prior to the adoption of Obamacare. The digital age presents further challenges in the healthcare industry. Navigating the technological healthcare waters is daunting, to say the absolute least. Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to this industry and to everyone who is impacted by healthcare (aka us all!).

Digital Identity Problems and How Blockchain Can Help!

Keeping your digital identity safe is crazy important. Identity theft is a real issue. Thanks to blockchain technology, however, there are many ways to begin the process of protecting your identity! If you are interested in learning more, then view this awesome digital identity video!

Blockchain and Identity Rights: GDPR and Passwordless Authentication

Taylor Gerring joins Ben Matthews (BCS Consulting), Greg Jendroszczyk (Piwik PRO), and George Wilson (Tallysticks) for a lively panel on how the blockchain will play into the future of digital identity & reputation. This is an engaging discussion about important topics in the privacy and identity area of technology.

Online Reputation and Blockchain Technology

With more social media and online systems, we have created identities on the internet. Along with identities, we build a sort of reputation, similar to the ones we have in real-life interactions. This video discusses how blockchain technology will allow for online reputations that can help you establish credibility online.

Blockchain Allows for Major Increase in Digital Identity Security

Digital identity is the term for a set of attributes that specifically demarcates an entity online. In layman’s terms, it’s the data that makes you, you on the Internet. Naturally, that type of data is sensitive. You don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands. What better way to protect your digital identity than to record it on a distributed ledger known as–you guessed it!–a blockchain!

Digital Identification & Reputation on the Blockchain

Joseph Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys and Ethereum, spoke at Rice University about business and blockchain technology. He covered a number of topics regarding how Consensus and Ethereum came to life. In addition to his business successes, he discussed how he believes blockchain technology can help improve global digital identification and reputations.

Read a bit about Ethereum, Consensys, and blockchains here, as well as watching Joe Lubin’s talk!

Healthcare Data Set to be Revolutionized by Blockchain

The healthcare industry needs the advancement of blockchain technology. Currently, centralized health systems have shown to be hackable. This weakness ultimately compromises patient privacy and confidence in the healthcare data system, as a whole. Read how blockchains can solve these issues.

Biometric Verification Is Heading for Blockchain

Biometric verification is an up-and-coming technology that will provide people much greater security in verifying themselves and protecting assests. Blockchains offer an even more secure means of holding biometric information. Check it out in this article!