Digital Governance

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One of the longer-term goals of blockchain and web3 is improved governance, both online and in the real world. For this to happen, we need to solve a lot of problems, especially how to scale up for global adoption. If everything goes right, we could start conducting more transparent elections on blockchain and enable a better way for distributed personas and organizations to organized. For more information on digital governance, keep checking below for project updates and news.

WTF is Polkadot? The Future of Interconnected Blockchains

A blockchain enabled world will likely have more than one blockchain. Polkadot is aiming to build the network that connects them all!

Decred: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Decred is similar to bitcoin, with a goal to have a decentralized self-governing cryptocurrency that’s shaped by community input. Learn about Decred here!

ICON: Blockchain Token – What is it?

The ICON Project aims to overcome challenges of centralization, and connectivity in decentralized networks. They hope to help advance our society towards true hyperconnectivity. In order to do this, ICON is redefining communities. Learn about how in our overview of their project!

NXT: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Nxt is an open source blockchain platform. Using the Bitcoin blockchain as their main inspiration, they have labeled themselves “blockchain 2.0.” They have identified some problems with Bitcoin’s blockchain, and have created a platform in response.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #14: Roger Ver

Roger Ver has been invested and involved in blockchain since 2011, and is currently the CEO of He’s helped to fund many start-ups and been an out-spoken advocate for bitcoin, which has progressed blockchain & helped move the chain.

Building a Utopia: 3 People That Believe Blockchain Tech Can Help Create a Better World

Blockchain tech offers an opportunity for global democracy, greater transparency, and a means of combating mankind’s problems. These 3 are helping bring this technology to implement progressive changes & improve the world!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #3: Vinay Gupta

Futurist, shelter builder, and blockchain enthusiast, Vinay Gupta, sees new technologies, like blockchains, as a way to make our world a better place for all.

UN Turns to Blockchain to Feed the Hungry

Despite the fact that the world produces enough food to feed the entire population, millions of people still go hungry. The United Nations (UN) is looking to address this extreme inequality, by implementing the use of blockchain.

See how blockchains can help the UN address these problems by reading this article!

EU Seeks to Understand Impact of Blockchain Technology

The European Union (EU) is just one of many governmentally-related organizations to be interested in blockchain technology. Unlike other countries who are currently adopting it via the acceptance of Bitcoin, as a cybersecurity boost, or as a leader in the technology. There are many other examples of governments undertaking blockchain as a viable technology. European Union and blockchain technology are about to be a well-known around the world. Read a bit about it here!

Blockchain Technology Creates Accountability in Digital Governance

Blockchain is easily the way to implement digital accountability both now and in the future! Digital governance is the act of establishing set roles, rules, and regulations within the digital space. So, it basically means setting up the rules of online activities. In this particular case, it’s the implementation of agreed-upon rules within blockchain technology. Read about digital governance and how it can create greater accountability.