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OpenBazaar – A Rundown


Removing geographical locations, decentralizing marketplaces, accepting cryptocurrencies and payments to sellers in bitcoin, and not being run by any single entity, OpenBazaar is an awesome application of blockchain, taking eBay to a new level.

Blockchain Token What is zcash

ZCash: Blockchain Token – What is it?


Zcash is a blockchain with privacy. They include features for selective transparency, keeping transactions public, but information about those transactions (like the sender and recipient) private.

In epsiode 9 of Blockchain Token, Joe goes over Zcash, discussing it’s features and functionalities as a blockchain or token, possibly both! And he gives you some helpful resources to explore more!

Essential Hardware Wallet Guide


If you’ve been involved with blockchain for even a small amount of time, you may have heard about a so-called “hardware wallet”. What are they for and why would you need them in an “app first” world? It might seem like an extra annoyance to carry around this extra little device, but it can be more than just a keychain dongle. That’s right, cryptocurrency hardware wallets are increasing in capability and now offer features beyond “be your own bank”. Ready to learn more?

what is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

WTF Is Cryptocurrency?


WTF is cryptocurrency? And why should I care about cryptocurrency?

Read our post about digital currencies and how they can affect our everyday lives! Here we explain important factors of crypto that are good to know if you are looking to make an investment or try it out!