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Blockchains & Airplanes blockchains and airplanes

Blockchains & Airplanes – Ep 001


David Seaman and Taylor Gerring have an engaging discussion about the disruptive technology of blockchains. They do so at about 5,000 feet above Denver, Colorado. These two get deep into philosophical discussions and implications for societies as we adapt this new technology into our lives and institutions. Join Taylor and David on their flight conversing about blockchains in the first video of Blockchains & Airplanes.

Building a new internet with Web3

What is Web3 and How will it affect me? If you were born before the web was fully realized, you might remember a  time when there were few standard practices. Browser developers waged virtual "wars" to capture the most usage from netizens, both new and old. Back then, we were awe-inspired just by the idea of "information superhighway".
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Hellooooooo internet!


Welcome to Blockchain.WTF, where we aim to curate the best information about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. While we’re not alone in this journey and a variety of other resources exist on these topics, we have an explicit goal of being approachable, practical, and relatable… and to do it all in a fun way! We hope these ingredients will add to the recipe of global blockchain adoption. Will you help us get there?