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ICO or NO Fizcal ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 14 Fizcal


A possible accounting solution on the blockchain? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy covers the Fizcal ICO. Does the product add up? Jeremy gets you up to speed on everything you need to know about the Fizcal project!

Blockchain Token what is iconomi

Iconomi: Blockchain Token – What is it?


In episode 7 of Blockchain Token, Joe goes over Iconomi, a distributed economy infrastructure, discussing it’s features and functionalities as a blockchain or token, possibly both! And he gives you some helpful resources to explore more!

Academic education

Blockchains’ Plausible Impacts on Education & Learning


Our current education system has some problems they have yet to overcome. As technology becomes more widely adapted, more issues appear on the horizon. School systems and universities need secure ways to store student data and verify credentials. This article discusses these problems and how we can overcome them with blockchain technology.


Blockchain and Law


Blockchains have a possibility for greatly effecting the field and practice of law. Smart Contracts are ground breaking, because the technology executes the terms, which can eliminate some problems. Watch this video to learn more about how law will be impacted by blockchain technology.