Moving the Chain Spotlight #15 Raine Revere

Moving the Chain Spotlight #15 Raine Revere

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Moving the Chain is an ongoing series from Blockchain WTF that shines a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  


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Raine Revere is a smart contract developer and highly regarded speaker in the in the Ethereum community. She was a key figure in developing ShapeShift’s Prism Platform and served as lead engineer on the project. Prism is a decentralized digital asset management platform that uses the Ethereum network to secure user’s funds.

Ask an Expert: Ethereum’s Metropolis Hardfork – What is it?

Watch our resident expert, Taylor Gerring, break down Ethereum’s latest hard-fork, Metropolis. Taylor goes over the new update to the Ethereum platform and the changes it’s set to bring, including: added information on receipts, updates to the EVM protocols, and increasing the overall mining difficulty in the shift to proof-of-stake. Check back for the latest episodes of Ask an Expert to stay on top of all things Blockchain!

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Iconomi: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Iconomi is a platform for digital assets management intended to help grow the distributed economy. They hope to break down traditional barriers for investing and reduce time limitations in doing so. Built using the Ethereum platform and protocols, Iconomi is an ERC20 token.

In episode 7 of Blockchain Token, Joe goes over Iconomi, discussing it’s features and functionalities as a blockchain or token, possibly both! And he gives you some helpful resources to explore more!

If you want to get some resources for Iconomi, visit our Iconomi resource page!

Blockchains’ Plausible Impacts on Education & Learning

Blockchains’ Plausible Impacts on Education & Learning

Do you think blockchains could disrupt the current education system? As an educator, I am constantly bubbling with ideas for using blockchains within my job and with my students. The use cases are quite wide, and the development is bound to come eventually as blockchain technology is more readily understood and more widely adopted.

The blockchain space has increasingly shown more applications for real-life use cases in a variety of fields. Every day, we see new changes to this growing genre of technological development, including many major companies coming out in support of blockchain technology and exploring their applicability. As information on blockchain technologies has reached more people, we have seen more ideas and development in and for blockchains, one of which lies in the expansive field of education.

Blockchain and Law

As you know, blockchain has the ability to affect pretty much every industry on the planet. Law, of course, is no exception. Smart Contracts are ground breaking, in that they allow technology to execute the terms. Ultimately, this leads to more overall security. Furthermore, blockchain allows clients to set up royalty payments–a system that is currently very outdated. Watch this video about blockchain and law, to learn more!

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