How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: Where to Start

How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: Where to Start

One of the most commonly asked questions when we start discussing cryptocurrency and blockchains with people is:

Well, how do I buy it???

To alleviate one of the most challenging steps of getting into the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, we have compiled a guide that overviews your different options for attaining some cryptocurrency, whether it is bitcoin, ethereum, or other altcoins.

Whether you want to use cash, connect a bank account, use PayPal, or something else, there is likely an easy option for you to buy crypto, and our guide will likely have the answer for you.

So, with that said, please take a look at our How to Buy Guide, and start educating yourself on how to get started!

And hey, you may not even have to leave your couch!!!

If you are still unsure about what a blockchain is, what cryptocurrency is, or what the difference between the two is, see our guides below first, and start exploring the incredible realm of the internet that is blockchain technology.

ICO or NO? Episode 17 ARToken

ARToken by Cappasity is looking to combine cryptocurrency with some of the most cutting edge technology. ARToken will be used as a cryptocurrency for Cappasity’s existing services, which include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D modeling!

In this video, Jeremy goes over what the project is and what market advantages the project is trying to capitalize on. He also points out the noteworthy details about the ICO, any potential concerns, and hopes for the project.

Trezor Hardware Wallet Review

Trezor Hardware Wallet Review

Trezor Wallet Review

If you are looking for the most secure way to store your crypto, you have probably discovered that you will want to purchase a hardware wallet. The top two on the market are Trezor and Ledger Nano S. While the Nano S wins in price – $69 USD (about 58 euros) to Trezor’s $117 USD (about 99 euros). In addition, Trezor does have a few additional functions that may make it a better choice for some folks.

Litecoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Litecoin is one of the first few blockchains to build off of Bitcoin, the original blockchain. So it is functional as a token, blockchain, or both? Our fourth episode in Blockchain Token features Litecoin, and our man Joe, explains Litecoin, it’s functionality, competition, and provides some helpful resources!

If you are interested in reading more about Litecoin, check out our resource page!

Cryptocurrency: A Perfect Solution For Intergalactic Trade

Cryptocurrency: A Perfect Solution For Intergalactic Trade

A History of Trade & Possibilities for Intergalactic Trade

Since the discovery of outer space, mankind has seemingly been fascinated by the possibility of other intelligent life forms living outside the boundaries of planet Earth.

Countless films reflect the ideas of this very subject. However, many of these films center around these newly discovered life forms attempting to wipe out the human race.

Yet if we look at our own species history, we find that exploration of any kind usually centers around trade. For example, Christopher Columbus is best known for discovering the New World, but he was actually looking for a trade route from Europe to Asia. Assuming our potential new friends from another galaxy are like-minded in that they will likely be looking to do a bit of wheeling and dealing with us Earth folk.

Becca’s Personal Cryptocurrency Tale

Becca’s Personal Cryptocurrency Tale

My name is Becca, and this is how I came to be a part of the cryptocurrency wave! This is a personal cryptocurrency story, and is by no means meant to be financial advice.


Jordan and I became friends back in February 2017. We’d hung out a few times, each time discussing some new and interesting. He mentioned blockchain during our hangouts, but I didn’t know much about it until the end of March 2017. He  requested my Skype name through a mutual friend and we set up a time to chat.

Jordan was interested in bringing me on the team for a number of reasons. First, we had great rapport and had a vast knowledge of random things, allowing for fantastic intellectual debate. Second, I am female and the Blockchain.WTF team was a total sausage fest at that point. Third, I’m a copywriter with a background specifically in digital marketing. In Jordan’s eyes, I was the missing piece to help get things off his plate

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Review

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Review

Ledger Nano S Review

If you’ve considered a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, then you’ve probably already come across the Ledger Nano S. And for good reason! The Nano S is the result of success of the original Ledger Nano. A screen and pair of buttons helps the user enter information on the device directly. But perhaps the most sought-after aspect of the Ledger Nano S is its multiple token support and attractive price. It is only $69 USD (about 58 euros) to top competitor Trezor’s $117 USD (about 99 euros).

Multiple token support

Ledger app management softwareIn the beginning, hardware wallets were primarily designed solely for use with Bitcoin. Even as alternative cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin started popping up, no hardware wallets were made to support this. Part of the problem is differing cryptographic algorithms. Ledger decided to solve with this with Ledger Blue and Ledger Nano S devices, which support apps. That’s right, the app model is now prevalent on our security devices!