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ICO or NO Unikrn ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 12 Unikrn


Unikrn ICO is one of the most hyped tokens sales to date! In this video, Jeremy goes over what the project is and what is driving the excitement behind the Unikrn project. He also points out some pretty noteworthy names that have already invested in the project!

ICO or NO Kickcoin ICO

ICO or NO? Episode 7 KICK ICO


Who has the hottest ICO? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about KICK ICO, debuting August 29th. Jeremy goes over how KICK ICO plans to challenge the existing crowdfunding and ICO models.

ICO or NO Monkey Capital ICO

Monkey Capital ICO Mishap: IC…NO???


WTF happened with to the Monkey Capital ICO? The ICO was supposed to start on August 8th, but has since been cancelled. Jeremy breaks down what might have happened to the project, and who ultimately dropped the ball on the Monkey Capital ICO.

ICO or NO Tezos ICO

ICO or NO? Ep. 5 Tezos


In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy goes over what went down with the Tezos ICO. Tezos claims to have it’s own self-amending blockchain-based platform, but can it keep up with it’s competitors? Jeremy also addresses the controversy surrounding the project, but is it enough to scare investors away? 


ICO or NO? Ep. 2 EOS


Join Jeremy as he explores the ICO called EOS, “an open source platform for scalable decentralized applications,” in our second installment of ICO or NO.