ICON: Blockchain Token – What is it?

This episode of Blockchain Token – Which is it? covers ICON! In this series, we will cover the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now.  We’ll give you a quick description of each blockchain/token, its function, who is their competition and where you can learn more.

ICON is a decentralized network different from the existing centralized networks. The ICON Project aims to overcome challenges of centralization, and connectivity in decentralized networks. They hope to help advance our society towards true hyperconnectivity. In order to do this, ICON is redefining communities. Learn about how in our overview of their project!

What the FAQ is Decentralization?

The Internet is a centralized mess! Is decentralization the answer? Decentralization describes the design of a network that isn’t managed by a central party. Instead, peer-to-peer interaction drives the network, as no third party is needed! Jeremy explains how decentralization impacts you, and how it could revolutionize the Internet as we know it!

Check out our “What is Decentralization?” guide on our website to read more!

Cybersecurity Issues & Blockchain

Cybersecurity Issues & Blockchain

Cybersecurity Issues Alleviated With Blockchain

Cybersecurity issues are cropping up as more people turn to the internet for everyday activities. Every single day, regardless of what centralized platform you use (such as Facebook or Google), your data is being collected in mass amounts. Since centralized platforms require all data to pass through a single point, they can easily collect scads of it every second of every day.

Your online identity is something that should be protected. Unfortunately, with the way technology is currently set up, there are gaping holes in terms of security. Blockchain, however, is a great way to up the security of just about any system. There are literally thousands of blockchain-based programs that allow you to increase your personal identity security. Truly, any cybersecurity issues can be fixed, or nearly so, by blockchain. (If you don’t know what a blockchain is, read about it here!)