Business on the Blockchain – An Intro to Our New Series!

Business on the Blockchain is a new series aimed at keeping you up to date on all of the big business moves towards blockchain technology. More and more businesses are exploring cryptocurrencies and blockchain (learn more about them here!), and we’re here to help you understand how some of these businesses are making this transition. It’s an exciting time for blockchain adoption, check out which businesses are jumping onto the wave!

ICO or NO: Episode 23 Wala

In this episode of ICO or NO Jeremy dives into the Wala project. Wala is looking to incorporate the under-served financial population into the global economy by offering complete financial services to markets that have not previously had this access. Wala offers individuals in these under-served countries to have access that could greatly speed up their economic development.

Jeremy dives into what the project hopes to achieve, the market conditions surrounding the project, the team, and the details of the token sale. Be sure to check back for more great ICO analysis.

ICO or NO? Episode 19 Cashaa

The Cashaa project is looking to revolutionize banking. Watch as Jeremy breaks down the project! Cashaa is using Blockchain technology in order to provide banking services at lower fees, as well as provide these services to the unbanked and underbanked. Cashaa aims to offer several services that banks currently provide, such as exchanging cryptocurrencies, transferring money across borders, and offering lines of credit to those who currently not offered that option. Check back for more episodes of ICO or NO!

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What the FAQ is Decentralization?

The Internet is a centralized mess! Is decentralization the answer? Decentralization describes the design of a network that isn’t managed by a central party. Instead, peer-to-peer interaction drives the network, as no third party is needed! Jeremy explains how decentralization impacts you, and how it could revolutionize the Internet as we know it!

Check out our “What is Decentralization?” guide on our website to read more!