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WTF IS… is our new series where we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and the technology surrounding these fields.

We aim to bring you the best explanations for all concepts and topics surrounding blockchain tech, and this series will cover all you need to know!

Looking to get acquainted with blockchain? Then WTF IS is the perfect series for you!


Have a topic or concept you’d like to see us cover? Have a question about anything?

How do I store my Crypto? Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are applications used to hold your cryptocurrency, providing you varying degrees of security and accessibility. Here’s some types!

WTF is a blockchain?!

Looking to get acquainted with Blockchain? Then WTF IS is the perfect series for you! In episode one we, of course, explain blockchain technology (BCT)!

WTF is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

WTF is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?! Our short and sweet video will explain all you need to know to figure out what these strange concepts are!

The Top Four Ways to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies!

Want to get into cryptocurrency, but don’t know how? Well here is the top four ways to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! Learn about your options!

Full Node vs. Light Client: What’s the difference?

So you’re just getting into cryptocurrency, and you’re looking for an easy way to get involved, right? A light client may be your answer! Learn about them here!

WTF is… EIP-960?!?

On April 1, Vitalik Buterin tweeted to a GitHub proposal, EIP-960, that would create a Ether supply limit. We give you the details of what it entails here!

WTF is… an ICO?

ICO Stands for Initial Coin Offering & is a play on the popular term “IPO”‘ standing for Initial Public Offering. Learn about what these ICOs are with us!

WTF is… Different Types of Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin’s proven its value as a medium of exchange, but tokens can have a lot more functions than acting as money. Here’s some of types of cryptocurrencies!

WTF is… The Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain kind of go hand in hand with one another, but they do have some big differences too. We explain the fundamental differences between the two!

WTF is… the Scalability Trilemma?

Blockchain projects are trying to scale the tech without compromising fundamental components of it. This is dubbed the scalability trilemma.

WTF is… the ERC-721 Token Standard?

WTF is ERC-721, you ask? It’s a non-fungible token standard designed to represent assets on the blockchain. We’ll break down exactly what that means!

WTF is… the difference between tokens versus coins?

Most people use these terms interchangeably, however this is not exactly correct. There’s a subtle difference between cryptocurrencies, tokens versus coins.

WTF is… Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most popular places to buy cryptocurrency. Founded in 2011, Coinbase was launched with the main goal of being the most accessible cryptocurrency exchanges.

WTF is… MyCrypto?

We checked in with MyCrypto to see how the various developments and improvements are coming since their fork from MyEtherWallet in February of 2018. The added features are pretty sweet!

What is an airdrop? It’s not crypto falling from the sky…

Are you asking, “What is an airdrop?” Unfortunately it is not a bag of crypto dropping from the sky.. But some crypto may drop into one of your blockchain addresses! Learn about what an airdrop is, why companies do it, and how to find airdrops!

There’s a game to teach you coding called CryptoZombies

CryptoZombies teaches you the programming language behind Ethereum dApps. Loom Network created the game. Try out making a CryptoZombie for free right now.

How Bitcoin Can Help Failing Economies

Bitcoin may be an alternative for countries with failing economies in a currency crisis. As a proven store of value, some citizens are looking to bitcoin!

WTF is Cosmos?

Right now, there’s many blockchains, but they can’t communicate. Cosmos is specifically addressing interoperability, all while maintaining scalability.

WTF is Stellar, Stellar Lumens, and Their Partnership with IBM?

Stellar is built on the idea of exchanging value, with the ulitmate goal of becoming the future of banking. They have some partnerships lined up!

What is the Augur prediction market? It’s got some updates coming soon!

Augur is a prediction market platform with unique betting opportunities. On July 9th they’ll be deploying to the Ethereum mainnet. We cover the essentials!

WTF is Status? A Decentralized Messenger & Browser for dApps

Beyond being a decentralized messenger, Status also functions as a browser for dApps. Learn all you can do with Status and the start of web 3.0.

WTF is Polkadot? The Future of Interconnected Blockchains

A blockchain enabled world will likely have more than one blockchain. Polkadot is aiming to build the network that connects them all!

WTF is the Lightning Network?

Scaling is a blockchain problem. When it comes to Bitcoin, the most talked about scaling solution is the Lightning Network. Learn about what it is here.

Augur Walkthrough: How To Use And Create Prediction Markets

Augur may seem abstract, so let’s go over how to use the software to make predictions and even create your own prediction markets.

Which Blockchain Node is Right for YOU?

Do you know what a node is? Blockchains can be confusing so we are covering what a node is, what they do and what this all means for you!

What is the Purpose of Gas?

We’ve done quite a few videos on gas, but the one thing that we haven’t covered is why the Ethereum Virtual Machine needs gas in the first place.

What are Smart Contracts?

Ever wonder what makes a contract smart? An essential part of Ethereum and other blockchains, Smart Contracts help eliminate the need for third parties.

What is a Sidechain?

Ever wonder what a sidechain is? Have no fear, Melissa from Blockchain WTF is here to explain what they are and how they work.

The Legal Lowdown on Cryptocurrency

Is Bitcoin even legal? Well, that depends on where you live. Check out this video to find out the legal lowdown on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

WTF are Centralized Exchanges?

Centralized exchanges are cryptocurrency markets that are managed by a single entity or third party. This video goes over the role of Centralized Exchanges.

WTF are Decentralized Exchanges?

Decentralized Exchanges are cryptocurrency markets that cut out the middlemen by facilitating deals via smart contracts and atomic swaps.

ERC-865: A Step Towards Adoption

Are you up to date on ERC-865? Even if you’ve heard about it make sure to check out this fun video to learn what it is and why 865 matters.

What are ZK-Snarks?

zk-Snarks are complicated. But don’t worry, Jeremy is here with this article to help break down the components and purpose of zk-Snarks.

Is Sharding the Answer for Scaling Blockchains?

Making blockchains more scalable is the number one issue facing decentralized technology. One potential idea to solve this problem is known as Sharding.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

The Proof of Keys event took place on January 3rd to raise awareness for users to take their keys off of 3rd party exchanges.

What Is Decentralized Storage?

It’s no secret that Centralized Storage has issues. One way to fix them is to Decentralize it! Join us for a rundown of projects working towards this goal.