WTF is…

WTF isWTF IS is our new series where we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and the technology surrounding these fields.

We aim to bring you the best explanations for all concepts and topics surrounding blockchain tech, and this series will cover all you need to know!

Looking to get acquainted with blockchain? Then WTF IS is the perfect series for you!

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How do I store my Crypto? Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are applications used to hold your cryptocurrency, providing you varying degrees of security and accessibility. Here’s some types!

WTF is a blockchain?!

Looking to get acquainted with Blockchain? Then WTF IS is the perfect series for you! In episode one we, of course, explain blockchain technology (BCT)!

WTF is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

WTF is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?! Our short and sweet video will explain all you need to know to figure out what these strange concepts are!

The Top Four Ways to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies!

Want to get into cryptocurrency, but don’t know how? Well here is the top four ways to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! Learn about your options!

Full Node vs. Light Client: What’s the difference?

So you’re just getting into cryptocurrency, and you’re looking for an easy way to get involved, right? A light client may be your answer! Learn about them here!

WTF is… EIP-960?!?

On April 1, Vitalik Buterin tweeted to a GitHub proposal, EIP-960, that would create a Ether supply limit. We give you the details of what it entails here!

WTF is… an ICO?

ICO Stands for Initial Coin Offering & is a play on the popular term “IPO”‘ standing for Initial Public Offering. Learn about what these ICOs are with us!

WTF is… Different Types of Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin’s proven its value as a medium of exchange, but tokens can have a lot more functions than acting as money. Here’s some of types of cryptocurrencies!

WTF is… The Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain kind of go hand in hand with one another, but they do have some big differences too. We explain the fundamental differences between the two!

WTF is… the Scalability Trilemma?

Blockchain projects are trying to scale the tech without compromising fundamental components of it. This is dubbed the scalability trilemma.

WTF is… the ERC-721 Token Standard?

WTF is ERC-721, you ask? It’s a non-fungible token standard designed to represent assets on the blockchain. We’ll break down exactly what that means!

WTF is… the difference between tokens versus coins?

Most people use these terms interchangeably, however this is not exactly correct. There’s a subtle difference between cryptocurrencies, tokens versus coins.