Tales from a Trader

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Tales From a Trader

Tales from a Trader

The Tales from a Trader series explores Jordan’s (our office manager) endeavors as he fell into the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency, blockchains, and trading.

His story includes how he got involved in the space, and how he came into some fortune through that process. He makes some mistakes throughout his trading, but they also caused him to learn some lessons along the way.

Jordan’s story is especially intriguing and exciting. It will have you on the edge of your seat hearing his crazy journey, and after reading, you’ll be ready to not make some serious mistakes in your personal version of Trader Tales!

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Tales from a Trader: Part 1

If you are reading this, then you have stumbled across a goldmine of information about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. (If you’re interested in more information, head over to our crypto page!) In this series, I will tell my personal story–my cryptocurrency trading adventure–of how I went down the crypto rabbit hole and have no plans to look back!  

Tales from a Trader: Part 2

In Part 2 of Tales of a Trader, Jordan starts to really get involved with crypto investing. He learns more about how the technology works, and he gets a job involved in the space. As Jordan begins diving deeper into trading, he learns he must assess some important questions when making decisions and plan appropriately and wisely.

Tales from a Trader: Part 3

Crypto trading is indeed the Digital Wild Wild West, and Jordan had fallen victim to his first scam! On top of that, he accidentally locked away 46 ether tokens in an account he couldn’t remember the password! He was definitely experiencing some frustration and having a rough week. It forced him to analyze his situation and learn some lessons about crypto trading that he shares with you in Part 3 of Tales of a Trader.

Tales from a Trader: Part 4

The Donkey Theory: It may not be the most expensive or attractive, but it gets you to your destination!
Part 4 explains some important lessons Jordan has learned through his trading experiences, and the theory he came up for it. In Part 4 of Tales of a Trader, Jordan reviews the strategies that he’s discovered to help him make the right trading choices.

Tales of a Trader: Part 5 (The Final Tale)

Jordan finishes his personal trading story in part 5 of Trader Tales. After many ups & downs, mistakes, and lessons learned, he has perfected his trading. Read about how he finds himself after his journey into cryptocurrency trading in his final installment of Tales of a Trader.