Blockchain in Action

By now, many people have heard of blockchain technology.

However, they may not be fully aware of all the ways this new tech is, or soon will be, changing the world around us.

Blockchain in action

Blockchain technology has wide reaching applications and implications for many different industries. From retail to government to energy, blockchain may very likely apply. And we promise you, many of these will touch your life in some way!

In our series, Blockchain In Action, we take a look at some real-world uses for this digitized and decentralized public ledger. We discover how it can potentially help various industries become more profitable, increase efficiency, and, perhaps most importantly, make our everyday lives easier.

Have an industry or potential application of blockchain technology you want to know about? Let us know! We will happily answer your questions or cover a topic you want to see!

Blockchain In Action: Revolutionizing Retail

The retail industry and their rewards programs may be going through a revolution. See how blockchain and loyalty rewards programs may work for the industry!

Blockchain in Action: Helping Democracy Thrive – Secure Voting Systems

Blockchain has the potential to transform how we vote. Utilizing blockchain technology for secure voting systems can increase efficiency & accountability.

Blockchain in Action: Guns on the Chain

Gun control is a big US debate today. Using blockchain to track firearms has been offered as a solution for government agencies in the US.

Blockchain In Action: Worker’s Rights & Ending Forced Labor  

Blockchain technology could hold the key to curbing, and perhaps someday ending, forced labor and providing more workers rights on a global scale. And some companies are investigating it already!