Here you can find Blockchain WTF’s various series. We have been working hard to develop great blockchain informational sources for you all, as well as entertaining incorporations of blockchain ideas!

Explore common technical questions with Ask an Expert (aka Taylor). Maybe you want to dig into ICO projects with Jeremy in ICO or NO.

Blockchain unicorn

Or, if you are into narratives, read Jordan’s Tales from a Trader series. Finding Satoshi Nakamoto lets you investigate blockchain mysteries too.

If you want to get deeper and philosophical, Blockchains & Airplanes will pique your interest!

Blockchain or Token discusses the attributes of different projects and their purpose, and Blockchain and You lets you meet different team members and community members discussing their involvement and ideas about the new technology we call blockchains!

For current implementations of blockchain technology, Business on the Blockchain is the go-to!


WTF is… is an where we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and the technology surrounding these fields. Looking to get acquainted with blockchain? Then WTF IS is the perfect series for you!

Business on the Blockchain is for keeping you up to date on all of the big business moves towards blockchain technology. We explore businesses that are already fully functioning and are opening up to blockchain technology.

Blockchain Token covers the different types of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies on the market right now; both major players and smaller projects. We review the various aspects of these blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Ask an Expert with Blockchain WTF founder & blockchain expert Taylor Gerring. It’s a quick and informative question-answer series covering a wide variety of common blockchain & crypto questions.

Blockchain in Action is a series covering different applications of blockchain technology that’ll definitely impact your life!

ICO or NO? gives you the straight facts on what we know about projects and the token sales used to fund them. Jeremy provides some answers to your ICO questions, and explore different ICO projects.

Less serious, more fun!

Moving the Chain is shining a spotlight on folks who are making an impact in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It features prominent people in the blockchain space, who are doing big things for innovation and progressing the building of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in different industries.

Tales from a Trader is an exploratory series of Jordan’s (our office manager) endeavors as he fell into the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency, blockchains, and trading.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto explores the background of the anonymous Bitcoin creator, and the options and possibilities of whom this person, or people, may be.

Blockchains & Airplanes is with our blockchain expert, Taylor, who takes people flying up high to chat about blockchain technology, how it is growing and disrupting industries, and implications for the world and societies.

Blockchain & You is interviews with our team members and blockchain enthusiasts who discuss past, present, and future takes on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies & how they can impact life.

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