Beginner Blockchain Quiz

Want to test your blockchain knowledge? Are you new to blockchains and really want to see if you get the technology? Try out this beginner blockchain quiz and find out!

How many servers are on a Decentralized Network?

What country currently accepts Bitcoin?

What does 'P2P' stand for?

What was purchased in the first Bitcoin transaction?

Which two words inspired Dash's name?

What is a node?

Who created Bitcoin?

Where do you store your cryptocurrency?

What is the unit that powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

What is a smart contract?

How fast are Litecoin transaction times?

What is a miner?


How did you do? If you didn’t know as much as you thought, check out our What the FAQ page to explore the topics of cryptocurrency, decentralization, and blockchain technology. If you aced it all, see if you are an advanced blockchain explorer, or an expert!