Transparent Charity Spending

November 5, 2018

Blockchain technology can help donors know who they are donating to by adding full transparency to charitable organization spending.

Bitcoin Cash: Year in Review

November 3, 2018

Can you believe that it’s been over a year since the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash fork? Our resident bitcoin cash expert Melissa takes us through the split.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #51: Taylor Gerring

November 1, 2018

This long overdue “Moving the Chain Spotlight” covers the founder and fearless leader of Blockchain WTF, Taylor Gerring. Learn more about Taylor here!

The Enterprise Blockchain Revolution

October 31, 2018

Blockchains are great for agreeing on public data. But if you don’t want to expose data to the public, Private Blockchains may be the solution for you.

Escaping the Nine to Five

October 29, 2018

The growing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency allowed Kyle Guzman to leave his day job to focus on his own business, Crypto Merchandise.

Turkish Lira Crisis: Volatile Fiat Currency

October 28, 2018

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be quite volatile, but it’s worth remembering that volatility can also be an issue for fiat currencies.

What is a Sidechain?

October 27, 2018

Ever wonder what a sidechain is? Have no fear, Melissa from Blockchain WTF is here to explain what they are and how they work.

Taking Pulse of the Crypto Space

October 25, 2018

The Cofounder of Blockpulse360, Jimmy Lin, sat down with us at Voice of Blockchain 2018 to discuss staying up to date in the crypto space.

Fidelity Investments Offers Cryptocurrency

October 24, 2018

Fidelity, the 4th largest asset manager in the world, will soon be offering institutional investors a way to purchase cryptocurrency.

Helping Businesses Scale with Mike Casale of Blocklight

October 23, 2018

Mike Casale talked with us at Voice of Blockchain about how Blocklight can help e-commerce businesses scale with help from their analytics platform.

The Very Best of WhalePanda

October 22, 2018

Crypto celeb WhalePanda has posted some insightful, witty, and often downright hilarious statements. Let’s revisit some of his most memorable quotes.

Decentralizing Energy With Dr. Terry Xing

October 21, 2018

Dr. Terry Xing talked with us at Voice of Blockchain 2018 about energy distribution and his companies Upower and UMining.

Crypto Inspired Artwork

October 19, 2018

We talked with Josie Bellini a crypto artist at Voice of Blockchain 2018 about what inspires her to create crypto artwork.

IBM & Stellar Digitize Australian Government

October 18, 2018

IBM and Stellar will be working with Australia to add more automation, self-service options, and digitization to their government.

DobiTrade Explained with CFO John Wong

October 17, 2018

We talked with John Wong the CGO of DobiTrade at Voice of Blockchain. He explains what DobiTrade is and what makes them different from other exchanges.

Understanding Crypto Tax Law

October 16, 2018

Andrew Gordon, managing attorney of Gordon Law Group, spoke at Voice of Blockchain 2018 about how the government views cryptocurrency for tax purposes.