Impacts of Globalization & Immigration

May 24, 2017

Increasing globalization constantly tests our current financial systems. Previous importance placed upon traditional sovereign boundaries has given way to a borderless financial world; one where capital moves freely between citizens of multiple countries. Immigration is a hot topic both domestically and internationally.

See how blockchain technology can improve the hurdles associated with globalization.

Batman Doesn’t Badmouth Blockchain Meme

May 22, 2017

 Bad Robin! You should know blockchain can never be centralized!  Find more blockchain memes here!

Automotive Industry Welcomes Blockchain

May 21, 2017

The automotive industry has long been in the technological dark ages. Newer technologies, however, have emerged that have propelled the auto industry into modernization. Smart cars are starting to make it onto the road, and with them comes a lot of new technology. One of these technologies may be blockchain. Experts realized blockchain has potential to revolutionize the industry. Read a bit about how this may happen here!

The Energy Sector: A Quick Look

May 19, 2017

The green revolution has finally arrived at the energy sector. While many industries have moved towards more environmentally-friendly policies, the energy sector has seemingly been slow to the party. Now, though, experts agree we are just entering into a new age of energy management. Blockchains offer a means of revolutionizing this new age. Read about how this technology will impact energy industries and systems here!

Where Can I Buy Cryptocurrency?

May 18, 2017

If you have ever wondered about where you can buy cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ether, and many more, this video may be helpful to you! Our video hopes to briefly help you understand where to buy digital currencies. We hope it is helpful!

Blockchain & Freelancing

May 17, 2017

Millennials are rewriting the scripts for a career. They’re choosing to freelance and use blockchain technology to boot traditional 9-5 jobs and apply their creativity. New technologies like blockchain offer so many new opportunities for people to apply their skills and talents and find jobs that suit them.

Get a feel with a first-hand story by Becca, Blockchain WTF’s Social Media star!

Medical Records Can Greatly Benefit From Blockchain Technology

May 16, 2017

While the discussion in 2017 has largely been within the insurance industry and the repeal of Obamacare–also known as the ACA–other issues have become glaringly obvious. Costs surrounding healthcare have soared, owing to a variety of factors. Without question, though, issues existed prior to the adoption of Obamacare. The digital age presents further challenges in the healthcare industry. Navigating the technological healthcare waters is daunting, to say the absolute least. Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to this industry and to everyone who is impacted by healthcare (aka us all!).

Giggle With This Blockchain Husky Meme

May 15, 2017

Regardless of whether you’re human, dog, penguin, dragon, or snake (although, you might have difficult with a keyboard….), blockchain technology is right for everyone! Need some more laughs? Then explore your technological comedy side with more blockchain memes here.

What Is Gas?

Once you’ve delved into blockchain technology a bit, you’ll begin to realize the vast nuances and bits of knowledge required to dig into more in-depth information. Gas is an important concept in the technology. So, what is gas? Watch this video to find out!

Russia’s Adoption of Blockchain

May 13, 2017

Blockchain technology is far more than digital currencies, as we’ve seen with its adoption around the world. Well look out, world, Russia is joining the ranks of governments to adopt the breakthrough technology. Read about Russia’s adoption and integration of blockchains, and how it can help them function more accountably and effectively.

Blockchain Baby Meme

May 12, 2017

  You’ve Never Heard of Blockchain?! What?! *gasp!* Blockchain baby is questioning!   (Want to learn more about blockchain? Read our in-depth guide here!)

Store Your Cryptocurrency – Video

May 11, 2017

Did you make an investment in crypto, but then you discovered you didn’t know the best place to store it? Maybe you want to be sure you securely store it before you invest?

In this video, we go over the how to store your cryptocurrency, as well as four different types of wallets. It will be a useful resource in your investments!

Digital Identity Problems and How Blockchain Can Help!

May 5, 2017

Keeping your digital identity safe is crazy important. Identity theft is a real issue. Thanks to blockchain technology, however, there are many ways to begin the process of protecting your identity! If you are interested in learning more, then view this awesome digital identity video!

Blockchain and Identity Rights: GDPR and Passwordless Authentication

May 4, 2017

Taylor Gerring joins Ben Matthews (BCS Consulting), Greg Jendroszczyk (Piwik PRO), and George Wilson (Tallysticks) for a lively panel on how the blockchain will play into the future of digital identity & reputation. This is an engaging discussion about important topics in the privacy and identity area of technology.

Kip’s Hip with Bitcoin

Kip’s Hip Check Out This Hilarious Kip Bitcoin Meme!   Love to learn via video? Dig into our collection!

EU Seeks to Understand Impact of Blockchain Technology

The European Union (EU) is just one of many governmentally-related organizations to be interested in blockchain technology. Unlike other countries who are currently adopting it via the acceptance of Bitcoin, as a cybersecurity boost, or as a leader in the technology. There are many other examples of governments undertaking blockchain as a viable technology. European Union and blockchain technology are about to be a well-known around the world. Read a bit about it here!