Healthcare Data Set to be Revolutionized by Blockchain

The healthcare industry needs the advancement of blockchain technology. Currently, centralized health systems have shown to be hackable. This weakness ultimately compromises patient privacy and confidence in the healthcare data system, as a whole. Read how blockchains can solve these issues.

Canadian Blockchain Technology Is About to Be Lit

Canadians realize the true capacity of blockchain technology, and they are next in line to participate in the blockchain revolution. The vast, expansive nation is held a conference in June, discussing the potential impact blockchain may make on the country, and government. Read about it here!

Biometric Verification Is Heading for Blockchain

Biometric verification is an up-and-coming technology that will provide people much greater security in verifying themselves and protecting assests. Blockchains offer an even more secure means of holding biometric information. Check it out in this article!

Hellooooooo internet!

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Unicorns are off the Blockchain

Take a Gander at This Unicorn Blockchain Meme! Laugh your booty off becuase…