ICO or NO? Ep. 6 Wolk

In this episode of ICO or No, Jeremy covers Wolk. Wolk aims to be a blockchain-based, advertising data exchange, powered by the WOLK token, built on the Ethereum Network.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) Demo

MyEtherWallet is a web interface that allows you to generate wallets for your Ether & ERC20 tokens. Check out our demo & review to make sure you are being safe with your cryptocurrencies! It is of the uptmost importance.

Blockchains & Airplanes – Ep 002

Come fly along with Taylor Gerring and Nick Fierro as they talk about all things blockchains, cryptocurrency, and decentralization! In Episode 2 of Blockchains & Airplanes, Taylor and Nick discuss the future of upcoming blockchain projects and how they will impact technology (and our daily lives) as they fly around Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 3

People are still trying to determine who created Bitcoin, the first blockchain and cryptocurrency. These has been a lot of speculation and investigation into this mysterious creator (or creators)…

Some think Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto could be the guy. He is a libertarian computer engineer, who shares the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Read Part 3: The Other Nakamoto to continue investigating who created this remarkable technology!

What are Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallets?

Hierarchical Deterministic (or HD for short) is way of automatically generating new payment addresses based a series of special calculations. In this part of Ask An Expert, Taylor explains what HD wallets are, different components of them, and why they are beneficial or not for you.

Tales of a Trader: Part 5 (The Final Tale)

Jordan finishes his personal trading story in part 5 of Trader Tales. After many ups & downs, mistakes, and lessons learned, he has perfected his trading. Read about how he finds himself after his journey into cryptocurrency trading in his final installment of Tales of a Trader.

Monkey Capital ICO Mishap: IC…NO???

WTF happened with to the Monkey Capital ICO? The ICO was supposed to start on August 8th, but has since been cancelled. Jeremy breaks down what might have happened to the project, and who ultimately dropped the ball on the Monkey Capital ICO.

ICO or NO? Ep. 5 Tezos

In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy goes over what went down with the Tezos ICO. Tezos claims to have it’s own self-amending blockchain-based platform, but can it keep up with it’s competitors? Jeremy also addresses the controversy surrounding the project, but is it enough to scare investors away? 

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 2

The creator, or creators, of Bitcoin and the first blockchain are still unknown. Cypherpunks are activists who advocate the use of privacy-enhancing technology to usher in a new era of social and political chance. Some people have attempted to tie some cypherpunks to Bitcoin’s initiation. We explore some more possibilities of who Satoshi Nakamoto could be in Part 2 of Finding Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain Radio July 2017

Blockchain Radio highlights blockchain & cryptocurrency news stories, accompanied by inspirational music and visuals. July 2017 is set to the backdrop of Chicago, IL, USA.

ICO or NO? Ep. 4 Monkey Capital

In Episode 4 of ICO or NO, Jeremy discusses Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a company aiming to be a blockchain-based hedge fund looking to disrupt the financial industry. Check out what he thinks about it!

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 1

We live in an era where the answer to virtually any question one could conceivably ask can be answered with a few simple keystrokes. Technology has helped to create a world where privacy is dead, and access to information is seemingly limitless. However, even in an age where information flows like lava, there are still some mysteries that remain. One such mystery is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who created Bitcoin and the first blockchain database. The first installment of the Finding Satoshi Nakamoto series introduces this mystery.

Blockchain Radio June 2017

Relax and get your crypto review at the same time. Blockchain Radio June 2017 is set to the backdrop of the city of Chicago, IL, USA.

Tales from a Trader: Part 4

The Donkey Theory: It may not be the most expensive or attractive, but it gets you to your destination!
Part 4 explains some important lessons Jordan has learned through his trading experiences, and the theory he came up for it. In Part 4 of Tales of a Trader, Jordan reviews the strategies that he’s discovered to help him make the right trading choices.

ICO or NO? Ep. 3 Filecoin

Who has the hottest ICO? In this episode of ICO or NO, Jeremy talks about Filecoin, debuting July 27th.