Battling Hunger In Venezuela: Blockchain In Action

The South American country of Venezuela is in the midst of a socio-economic crisis. Learn how blockchain and cryptocurrency are being used to combat hunger.

Which Blockchain Node is Right for YOU?

Do you know what a node is? Blockchains can be confusing so we are covering what a node is, what they do and what this all means for you!

A Partnership Between Twitter And Tron Could Be Imminent

Members of Twitter management paid a visit to Tron Foundation headquarters. The gathering had the crypto rumor mill turning.

A Blockchain a Day Keeps The Medical Records OK

The healthcare industry has a labyrinth of issues. Blockchain won’t fix them all but it could add transparency to medical data for patients and physicians.

How The Blockchain Stays Secure

To understand how a system like Bitcoin stay secure you need to consider not just computer science, but monetary theory, economics, and game theory.

Augur Walkthrough: How To Use And Create Prediction Markets

Augur may seem abstract, so let’s go over how to use the software to make predictions and even create your own prediction markets.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #45: Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has one of the most impressive resumes in the blockchain community. He has helped “Move the Chain” with many high-profile projects.

Avoiding the Next Financial Crisis

Bitcoin and the release of its white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto came about as a reaction to the 2008 global crisis in the finance industry.

Kim Kardashian Is “Keeping Up” With Bitcoin

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians mainstay is even making news in the crypto world. On July 29th, Kim Kardashian accepted her very first bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Money?

Bitcoin works because it’s a system that takes into account how real humans behave. It creates a situation the where the best deal for the individual is to participate in the system, rather than attack it.

Coinbase and WeGift partnering together for e-gift cards

Coinbase and WeGift, a European e-gift card provider, are partnering to allow Coinbase users to turn their cryptocurrency into e-gift cards.

Civic – Take Control of Your Digital Identity

Civic is attempting to give businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect their digital identities using their Secure Identity Platform.

WTF is the Lightning Network?

Scaling is a blockchain problem. When it comes to Bitcoin, the most talked about scaling solution is the Lightning Network. Learn about what it is here.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #44: Jimmy Song

When it comes to “Moving the Chain,” Jimmy Song has done it in a variety of different ways. Check out how he is improving bitcoin and blockchain.

How Blockchain Is Going to Shake up Hollywood

We can fix the corrupt entertainment industry by giving it transparency through smart contracts & fair monetization platforms via blockchain technology.