Nonprofit Impacts

Corrupt charities are definitely alive and well. Some believe blockchains can be a means towards providing more transparency for charities and nonprofits. Instead of donating to charities, not knowing if they are really using your money to aid those in need, or overpaying their higher ups, blockchains offer a transparent way to see how our donations are being used, and whether or not that is appropriately. Read about the benefits of blockchains for nonprofits here!

Lisk: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Lisk’s vision is to make blockchain technology more accessible, through incorporating the common coding language JavaScript. A project like Lisk makes the blockchain accessible to anyone who knows Java!

ICO or NO: Episode 25 AidCoin

CharityStars, the company behind AidCoin, is using blockchain technology to revolutionize how charitable giving occurs. Learn about AidCoin in this episode!

Blockchain Could Be the End of Corrupt Charities

Several individuals want to make the world a better place by donating to their charity of choice, but many are left with the unsettling question of how their money is actually being spent. Corruption is prevalent amongst charities.

Blockchain technology could offer reduction in transaction costs, increased transparency, and overall a raise trust in the legitimacy of charities. Read how blockchains can help accomplish this here!

UN Turns to Blockchain to Feed the Hungry

Despite the fact that the world produces enough food to feed the entire population, millions of people still go hungry. The United Nations (UN) is looking to address this extreme inequality, by implementing the use of blockchain.

See how blockchains can help the UN address these problems by reading this article!