Financial Industry Impacts

The financial industry is seemingly quite aware of blockchain technology disrupting their field. Especially considering blockchains have their own cryptocurrency integrated into the system. Many financial institutions have already come forward to show support in researching and developing blockchain technology. Blockchains being simply put, a ledger, makes it easy to see how it could really impact this industry. Read about financial news and information involving blockchain technology here.


VertCoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Learn about VertCoin, a decentralized currency dedicated to the original principles of cryptocurrency – bringing financial control to the people.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #9: Joseph Poon

Joseph Poon, contributing author to Omise’s White Paper and Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Network’ White Paper, is helping progress blockchain technologies and provide opportunities in crypto for a wider range of people.

ICO or NO: Episode 23 Wala

In this episode of ICO or NO Jeremy dives into the Wala project, who’s looking to incorporate the under-served financial population into the global economy.

Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup – 11/13/2017

Hosted by Disruption Joe, the Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup on November 13, 2017 focused on financial enterprise on the blockchain & different projects working to achieve that.

OmiseGO (OMG): Blockchain Token – What is it?

OmiseGO (OMG) is an e-wallet and financial platform meant to reduce boundaries between fiat money and digital currencies, making it easy to exchange value in real-time. Learn about OMG in this episode!

ICO or NO: Episode 20 Stack (STK)

Stack is looking to solve the problem of blockchain scaling through the use of state channels. Watch as Jeremy breaks down the whole project!

Stratis: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Stratis is a development platform for organizations and financial services to develop, test, and deploy applications on the blockchain.

ICO or NO? Episode 19 Cashaa

Cashaa’s using blockchain to provide banking services at lower fees, & provide them to the unbanked & underbanked. Watch as Jeremy breaks down the project!

Melonport: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Melonport is the company building the Melon protocol for digital asset management. With this you can customize strategies to manage your digital assets!

ICO or NO? Episode 15 BrickBlock

BrickBlock is aiming to be the best decentralized investment platform to date! In this video, Jeremy goes over what the project is and what market advantages the project is trying to capitalize on.