Enterprise Industry Impacts

Blockchains may revolutionize enterprise industries, which can be clear to see by browsing various industries listed on this page. Enterprise can be greatly and positively impacted by blockchains. They provide secure and transparent ways for tracking transaction within and between businesses, whether that be financial records, customer records, receipts, orders, etc. It can change the way we use contracts with employees and partners, if we begin to implement more smart contracts in a blockchain world. So, the internet of things and blockchains will definitely influence the enterprise, and you can read news and ideas about it here.


Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup – 11/13/2017

Hosted by Disruption Joe, the Chicago Blockchain Project Meetup on November 13, 2017 focused on financial enterprise on the blockchain & different projects working to achieve that.

Aragon: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Aragon is a network intended to be a Digital Autonomous Organization working to eliminate unnecessary third parties and intermediaries. Learn about Aragon in this episode of Blockchain Token!

Moving the Chain Spotlight #2: Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet, a J.P. Morgan executive, is heading the development of blockchain-based Quorom. She’s featured in our Moving the Chain series for helping progress blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. Read more about how here.

Basic Attention Token (BAT): Blockchain Token – What is it?

Episode 12 of Blockchain Token discusses Basic Attention Token, or BAT. Basic Attention Token aims to revolutionize how digital advertising works by using a token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. Learn more about this token!

Chain, Chain, Chain, Chain of Food: How Blockchain Technology Could Make Our Food Safer

Blockchains can be used for far more than simply trading bitcoins. Some companies are trying to improve efficiency and transparency with the food chain supply, like Walmart, Nestle, Tyson, and many more. Blockchain technology paired with food tracking can create a safer and more reliable food chain supply, decreasing food contamination problems.

RAC’s Album EGO is the First Album Released Using Ethereum

RAC is the first artist to publish an album on a blockchain, specifically using the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Ujo Music. RAC heard about blockchains and got interested quite quickly. From there he decided he would put his album on the blockchain! Read about how he came to this decision here!

Blockchain & IoT: What does the future of cloud look like?

Interested in learning more about how the blockchain could impact the internet of things? Then this interview is for you!

Taylor Gerring gives an interview to Sravani Bhattacharjee about Blockchain and IoT. They discuss the cloud and scaling within blockchain technologies.