Energy Industry Impacts

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Blockchain Industry Impact: Energy

Centralized energy provider

The energy industry adapting blockchain offers a lot of potential for people to decentrally share excess energy. They can then feed back energy back into the grid, and get paid for it.

Decentralized: Homeowners collect energy and can sell excess energy back into the grid

Blockchains also gives us a means of tracking energy usage quite reasonably, whether that is individually or in a small town, etc.

Therefore, blockchain technology can give a lot of power back to consumers (and we all consume energy)! Read about the energy industry and how it can integrate blockchains here.

How Blockchain Can Electrify the Energy Sector

Blockchain is helping the Energy Sector move forward by allowing transactions to be securely stored on distributed ledgers and executed with Smart Contracts.

Power Ledger: Blockchain Token – What is it?

Power Ledger is a P2P energy trading platform enabling consumers & businesses to sell their surplus solar power! Learn about Power Ledger with us!

The Energy Sector: A Quick Look

The green revolution has finally arrived at the energy sector. While many industries have moved towards more environmentally-friendly policies, the energy sector has seemingly been slow to the party. Now, though, experts agree we are just entering into a new age of energy management. Blockchains offer a means of revolutionizing this new age. Read about how this technology will impact energy industries and systems here!

Blockchain Is Modernizing Energy Sales

Energy sales are a heavily regulated market, with both local and large companies occupying the space. These big enterprises are in for a real shock: they’ll no longer be able to manipulate energy prices as heavily as they are currently. Of course, this isn’t right around the corner, but it’s coming! What’s going to drastically change the landscape of the energy market, you may ask? Blockchain technology. Read how here!