Academic Industry Impacts

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Blockchain Industry Impact: Education

Blockchain technology offers many interesting solutions to challenges we currently face in education and the academic industry. Blockchains in education touches on topics of identity and reputation, as well as privacy and security. They enable us to completely rework our education and credibility systems, as well as verify credentials. Yet, they also enable us a more secure way to hold student data, and make us ponder how rights over student data will change in the coming years as blockchain tech is integrated. Read upcoming news and ideas surrounding blockchain in education below!

Blockchain and Education – Industry Impacts

From securing student data to verifying credentials, there’s improvements to be made in the field of education. Blockchain can help with some of them!

Introducing the Blockchain Institute of Chicago & GirlCon

Girlcon held their 2018 event last Saturday, and we attended the event to discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our talk at the event was also our first debut as Blockchain Institute of Chicago! Learn about Girlcon, see some pics, and learn about BIC!

Blockchain Technology Needs to Be Changing Education

Technology has significantly impacted the education sector in the past decades. Blockchain offers a great way to better our education systems & security.

Moving the Chain Spotlight #15: Raine Revere

Developer and lead engineer on Shapeshift’s Prism Platform, smart contract developer, regarded speaker in the Ethereum community, and co-founder of Maiden, Raine Revere is helping progress blockchain technology through her incredible work!

Blockchains’ Plausible Impacts on Education & Learning

Our current education system has some problems they have yet to overcome. As technology becomes more widely adapted, more issues appear on the horizon. School systems and universities need secure ways to store student data and verify credentials. This article discusses these problems and how we can overcome them with blockchain technology.