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Industry Impacts

Blockchains disrupting and integrating into many different industries is expected. In some cases, blockchain is already making its way into development, like in the case of cars and finance especially. There are so many applicable use-cases for blockchain technology, and more are being discussed, researched, and developed all the time! Here we share news and project information about blockchain’s development and impacts to various industries. Click on the specific industry for articles and information on industry impacts by blockchains.


Blockchain technology offers many interesting solutions to problems or challenges in education. Blockchains in education touches on topics of identity and reputation, as well as privacy and security. They enable us to completely rework our education and credibility systems, as well as verify credentials. Yet, they also enable us a more secure way to hold student data and make us ponder how rights over student data will change in the coming years as blockchain tech is integrated. Read upcoming news and ideas surrounding blockchain in education here.


The automotive industry is one that can benefit greatly from blockchain technology. Blockchain offers a great way to securely store driving data, and keep rights to that data with the rightful owner. Reputations can be built for taxi or Uber drivers, as well as regular drivers looking to rent a car. Smart contracts can also influence the automotive field. Topics of privacy and security, identity and reputation play into the automotive industries disruption due to blockchains. Read about blockchain technology in the automotive industry here!



The energy industry adopting blockchain offers a lot of potential for people to share excess energy peer to peer, instead of just selling it back to regional authorities. Blockchain systems provide a way of reliably tracking the production and use of energy, and offer a straightforward way to handle payments. As the energy sector becomes more decentralized, blockchain technology could be the key to keeping things fair and ensuring opportunities for everyone. Read about the energy industry and how it can integrate blockchains here.


Blockchains may revolutionize enterprise, which can be clear to see by browsing various industries listed on this page. Enterprise can be greatly and positively impacted by blockchains. They can provide secure and transparent ways for tracking transactions within and between businesses, whether that be financial records, customer records, receipts, orders, etc. It can also change the way we use contracts with employees and partners, if we begin to implement more smart contracts in a blockchain world. So, the internet of things and blockchains will undoubtedly influence the enterprise, and you can read news and ideas about it here.


The finance industry is seemingly quite aware of blockchain technology disrupting their field. Especially considering blockchains have their own cryptocurrency integrated into the system. Many financial institutions have already come forward to show support in researching and developing blockchain technology. Blockchains being simply put, a ledger, makes it easy to see how it could really impact this industry. Read about financial news and information involving blockchain technology here.



Being a new technology with some groundbreaking innovations, governments have to kind of pick a side about how they feel about supporting the new tech. Blockchains may threaten some of the current systems we have in place that help governance. Voting systems are one system of speculation that blockchains can help secure and make more transparent. Blockchains can also allow us, as smaller and larger communities and societies, to govern ourselves or at least make decisions regarding our communities more directly. If you want to read about digital governance and how governments around the world are reacting to blockchain technology, this is the page for you. Also, you can see our digital governance page if you are more interested in how digital governance can benefit societies.



Have you ever gone to a new doctor and had to fill out paperwork that is almost exactly the same as paperwork at another doctor? The same questions about health issues, family history, and your body… Some say healthcare is an industry that clearly needs some digital revolution influence. Medical records on a blockchain, owned by the individual and easily distributable to various doctors sounds good to me. Read about impacts on the healthcare industry here.



Corrupt charities are definitely alive and well. Some believe blockchains can be a means towards providing more transparency for charities. Instead of donating to charities, not knowing if they are really using your money to aid those in need, or overpaying their higher ups, blockchains offer a transparent way to see how our donations are being used, and whether or not that is appropriately. Read about the benefits of blockchains for nonprofits here!