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RIPPLE: A modernized infrastructure for global payments


RippleEstablished in 2012, Ripple has built a decentralized payment system that overcomes the speed and scalability challenges of other blockchains. They are proponents for the Internet of Value (read more about IoV here), and intend to fix the problems of transactions speeds, excessive costs, and source liquidity across payment systems by using blockchain technology and their ‘digital asset’ token, XRP.

Ripple aims at enterprise solutions for banks, payment providers, corporations, and digital asset exchanges, by allowing a quick and easy global payment infrastructure for all these systems to function on RippleNet. Their system offers connectivity between these networks, instant settlements, low operation, and liquidity costs, and traceability of funds through “providing global financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information.”

Ripple runs on their own blockchain and is inter-operable on different networks, which allows for the connectivity, quickness, and lower costs to be available. Ripple provides three solution systems (from their website directly):

1. xCurrent: “Banks use xCurrent to process global payments for their customers.”

2. xRapid: “Payment providers use xRapid to source on-demand liquidity.”

3. xVia: “Businesses use xVia to plug into RippleNet to send payments.”

Ripple’s token’s (XRP) purpose

Ripple’s website presents the XRP token as “the digital asset for payments.” Its purpose is to enable real-time global payments, while remaining fast and scalable, for enterprise use.

Their site claims they have a 4 second payment settlement time, which far exceeds Ethereum’s 2-plus minutes and Bitcoin’s 1-plus hour, let alone traditional systems processing times of 2-5 days! This is about 1,500 transactions per second (Visa can do 50,000 per second as of 2017 for perspective). Buy XRP through Ripple’s site here.


Official Website

Ripple’s official website has great information about their project, token, and goals. They also have information about who they have partnered with and is using their RippleNet system; and different use-cases for their network. Their team and board of directors can also be found here, along with links to where to buy, or how to get involved if you are a company or bank.

Their site also has links to information about their products, like xCurrent, and case studies they have done in partnership with some banks. The videos they have listed here are also very helpful in understanding their network, their token, and many other important factors of their network.

Network Statistics

Official Network Charts

Here you can find charts of the XRP to other currencies rates, as well as a trading volume chart, volume statistics, and ledger statistics. This page also has hoards of other information about the markets and networks.

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Here are some price predictions for Ripple’s XRP in 2018 & the years ahead!

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