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NEO: a distributed smart economy network


NEO’s platform is for a distributed smart economy network. NEO is China’s first open source blockchain platform. It began as Antshares in 2014, and became open source in June 2015 when code was published on GitHub. Their White Paper was released September 2015. It was not until July 2017 that Antshares was rebranded to NEO.

Antshares' logo: the original company that became NEO

NEO integrates the use of digital assets (protected by digital certificates), digital identity, and smart contracts to create a ‘smart economy’ which will help progress new ways of commerce. Their site states their ultimate goal as the “Internet of Order.” NEO is very similar to Ethereum, using turing-complete smart contracts and running a virtual machine (NeoVM). NEO has also integrated interoperability into their protocols for across multiple chains, which allows smart contracts and assets to be used or exchanged on multiple chains.

A big difference in NEO from other blockchain projects is the cryptocurrency aspect: NEO doesn’t have an internal cryptocurrency. They plan to use regular, old, hard fiat for their internal currency (dollars, yen, yuan, euros, etc.). This is quite unique for the blockchain world: the way NEO approaches integrating blockchains into our current systems. NEO will act as a bridge between traditional systems and more secure, technologically advanced systems.


NEO’s Official Website

NEO’s official site is the best place to begin. They give an overview of their project’s purpose, what it does, and how it works, as well as providing you with an opportunity to explore their network with some cool stats on their homepage.

From their site you can also get to know their team members and find other ways to get involved in the community and discussions. They also include a timeline of their project, explaining how things switched from Antshares to NEO, and a roadmap for the future.

You can also download the clients from their site, for mobile, desktop, or the web. Also, you can find developer information and technical documents from here. If you are a developer, you can apply to run an application on their testnet here.

NEO’s Official Team Blog

Some of their blog is in Chinese, but other posts are in English, and you can typically translate. From here, you can see statements from the team and monthly updates and reports.



NEO’s YouTube channel has some great videos explaining the project, as well as providing updates. Their channel is great for learning about NEO, and even includes an “academy” to learn about blockchain concepts from.

Stack Exchange Proposal

Download NEO Client

From here, you can download the NEO Client for mobile, desktop, or web. You can also find links at the bottom of this page for the source code.

Apply for TestNet

NEO has an application form for developers wishing to develop a project on NEO. This application, if granted, will allow you to use their TestNet and use NEO/GAS.

NEO Documentation



NEO’s reddit page, /r/NEO, has great resources and information from the community. On the sidebar you can find many helpful communities and links to get more involved, especially if you are a developer.

Bitcoin Talk Forum

NEO’s Official Slack Channel

City of Zion Slack Channel

City of Zion is “an independent group of open source developers, designers and translators formed to support the NEO BlockChain core and ecosystem.” This is their Slack Channel, and they are not officially affiliated with NEO.

Social Media



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