Iconomi (ICN)

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Iconomi: a platform for Digital Assets Management & a distributed economy


iconomiIconomi offers a simple and positive experience for getting involved in the growing distributed economy, through their Digital Asset Management Platform. They hope to make it easier for first time investors to get involved in the market, by breaking down traditional barriers and reducing time needed to take the steps to make an investment.

Iconomi’s goal is to have a network of investors and managers using their platform for digital asset management and investing. On the network you can invest and manage various digital assets that you hold or combine your assets into a Digital Assets Array™ (DAA). On the network Iconomi is working towards being able to become a manager for assets and DAA’s. Iconomi’s goal is to create a simple Digital Asset Management platform for investors and managers to come together. Here managers can earn reputation for performing well, and investors get good returns from their investment and participation.

This system benefits both parties and provides security from bad actors since reputation and previous actions would be recorded on the blockchain, and transactions are held there as well for a history and security for the investor, who can chose arrays and managers with a positive record of giving results.

Their platform currently has quick and simple sign up where you can deposit digital assets. You can manage your assets at any time, and their website states they have “fast withdrawls and no contract lock-ins.” Most assets are held in cold storage protected by multi-sig wallets for security, and all transactions happen on the markets. Iconomi also is offering the first Digital Assets Array™ (DAA), which allows investors to invest in multiple assets in one single step purchase. As you purchase a certain array with specific assets, your purchase is divided towards those assets. The assets in Iconomi’s DAA represent “92% of the new economy” total market cap, according to Iconomi.

Iconomi boasts that they have low fees, the simplest way to enter the distributed economy, an opportunity to easily diversify assets, and minimal risks for investors. Their website states that they are the only platform that has four generations of tokens available for investment as a digital asset: Bitcoin (1st generation), alt-coins (2nd gen), application tokens (3rd gen), and their Digital Assets Array™ (4th gen).

Iconomi Token (ICN)

ICN is Iconomi’s token for their platform, which was sold during the ICO, but this was an investment into the company Iconomi. The ICN token is not going to be the token used on the platform, and it is not in Iconomi’s DAA, even though you can make Iconomi’s crypto (ICNX, which will be released later) a part of it.

As the platform goes live, the token you are investing in, or the DAA you are investing in, is what will be used, like BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies to pay for transaction fees for withdrawing and selling. It is also interesting to note that all deposits and INCX purchases will not have any fees. ICN, bought during the ICO, will be re-purchased and removed from circulation. Through this, they can pay back initial investors with higher coin prices. It is a bit complex, but ICNP and ICNX are Digital Asset Arrays™ you can invest in. ICNP is more actively managed, whereas ICNX is a passively managed array. Their token system seems a bit complicated and hard to find information on, but we did our best!


Official Site

Iconomi’s official site has information about their project, the developers, and how to get involved, whether it you want to invest in a DAA or become a manager. From here you can explore more in depth about Iconomi.

Official Blog

iconomi blogIconomi’s official blog, on Medium, has frequent updates on the projects progress, changes to the network or policies, and the platform. It also has resources for security on the platform and how to get involved. Here they also have a helpful About Iconomi page, in which they provide links to their different tokens and the DAA.

Financial Report Q1 2017

Iconomi’s financial report is on their blog. This has information about the team, the ICN token, and the asset growth and value on their platform.

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