First Blood (1ST)

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First Blood: a decentralized rewards platform for gamers


First Blood eSportsFirst Blood (1ST) is a global, decentralized eSports platform that allows gamers to play in matches on the platform using an built in ERC20 token, 1ST. The players can also gain rewards from their activity and challenges on the platform; this reward is in the form of a digital token.

First Blood’s purpose is intended to decentralized gaming networks, while allowing a more enjoyable experience for players and a greater ability to gain and prove reputations. This decentralization prevents downtime from network failures, and also has automated disputing, rather than relying on a centralized moderator.

User’s tokens and deposits are completely controlled by the users, which prevents centralized companies from confiscating funds, and lessens the ability for hackers to steal them. The blockchain technology verifies the outcomes of each gaming challenge, and rewards users appropriately. They use some type of Witness and Jury system for rewarding players, which you can read more about below.

First Blood states that this blockchain-based system allows the users experience to be “fully automated, safer, and much more enjoyable;” and this is very desirable for gamers, especially professional gamers who need a disputable and verifiable reputation of their skills. They have global ranking systems, too.

1ST Token & how it works

The First Blood ERC20 token, known as 1ST, is used within the platform to participate in game matches and is also how players are rewarded within the platform. You need the token to challenge other players to matches, which can get the player more tokens if they win. First Blood uses the blockchain technology to a history of the matches and store information from each match. Using this along with their tokens and the community, rewards are given.

Witnessing matches and jurors voting on the match and are rewarded, and users are reward for their activity within the platform. Witnesses are people who run a “witness node software to verify max outcomes with game APIs.” The jurors make up a pool called the “Jury Voting Pool,” or JVP, and they “manually review evidence to sort out disputes.” Using the witness and juror systems helps get cheaters or toxic players out of the game ASAP, which creates a better environment for other players and feed back into the reputation system built into the platform.

This is all held in smart contracts on the blockchain, which is very secure and hard to wrongly manipulate, especially in a platform that heavily relies on reputation benchmarks. Users can also use their tokens to set up customized eSports tournaments from anywhere.


Official First Blood Website

The official website has ways to join the platform and get easy-to-understand information about the eSports platform and the blockchain technology used to support it.

From here, you can also get some info about the team building First Blood, and more features of the system. We suggest checking out their features page for the best info about the features.

Official Youtube Channel

Their Youtube channel has a lot of good videos that represent the playing environment hosted on their platform. It also has a helpful, informational video specifically about the platform and the companies plan to decentralize gaming systems and networks.

Offical Slack Channel

To join the First Blood gaming platform, the company suggests to check out their Slack Channel first.

Discord App to join First Blood


Slack Channel

The First Blood Slack Channel great for discussions & learning how to join and participate on the platform.

Social Media




On First Blood’s Twitch.TV page, you can watch videos of players, as well as hold a discussion and find other resources about the platform.