Aragon (ANT)

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Aragon: digital jurisdiction & disintermediating business


aragonAragon is a network intended to be a DAO that will act as a digital jurisdiction, disintegrating business and intermediaries to allow organizations, investors, and entrepreneurs to operate more easily, openly, and efficiently; while still retaining value or the creation of value within their businesses.

The Aragon Network, which can have many companies under it, uses the Ethereum blockchain, which allows organizations to be run on the blockchain, as well as resolve problems within companies or the network using a decentralized court system (a goal of Aragon’s team to include in the platform to solve disputes). Aragon provides all the necessary components for a business like accounting, payroll, fundraising, etc.

They believe “Decentralized organizations can solve the world’s problems,”  which will create, as a by-product, allowing “everyone in the world to organize, (they) are enabling the borderless, permissionless creation of value.” This will allow the creation and management of “unstoppable organizations.”

Aragon’s Token (ANT) & how it works

ANT is the token on Aragon’s platform. Because it is a subtoken of the network run on the Ethereum blockchain, it is an ERC20 token. ANT is intended to be used in governing all parts of the networks functions and interactions. According to their network page, which overviews the token and their token sale, ANT can be used by holders to:


Aragon’s Official Site

The official website for Aragon reviews the platforms missions and goals. They have a lot of information about the network, and a download link for their Aragon Alpha, their app, where you can see what the environment is like and get a feel for things.

Aragon’s Blog

Aragon’s official blog has hoards of information on the platforms ideas, the team building it, and development updates on the progress of the project. It also has other news about partnership or things they are working on. They also have a technical blog, which reviews more tech-oriented questions or ideas about the project.

Whitepaper, One Paper, & Development Plan

You can find Aragon’s Whitepaper, One Paper, and Development Plan at the bottom of their network page. You do have to scroll to the bottom and open the file, but if you are looking to dive deeper these are great resources. The Whitepaper can also be found on Github.


Slack Channel

You can join Aragon’s Slack Channel here to discuss Aragon and ask questions.


/R/aragonproject is the official Aragon Reddit page, where you can find discussions, questions and answers, development updates, etc.

Social Media


You can follow the Aragon Network on Twitter for news and updates too.