Dogecoin (DGE)

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Dogecoin: an easy way to directly send money and tip fellow-internet goers


DogecoinDogecoin is a playful online community, initiated in satire over a dog meme in December of 2013. Dogecoin’s intention is to make transferring money and buying goods and services easy and instant using digital currency online, as well as to reach a broader community than the major digital currency bitcoin. Their network also enables the same ease for trading into other currencies — digital or traditional– online.

A different feature of Doge as to other cryptocurrencies is that it is simple to use to ‘tip’ other people’s content online that you found helpful or interesting. This creates an interesting value for people who are content creators, and allows them to build a form of reputation for the content they post or share, and is a bit more meaningful than a simple ‘like’ on Facebook. The Dogecoin community boasts their friendliness and easy integration into a fun and playful network of internet-goers.

Doge is a Shiba Inu dog that the Dogecoin community has adapted as their mascot after an internet meme went popular. ‘Doge’ is a slang term for dog. Although Doge is an internet sensation for a while now, he is still somewhat of a prominent symbol in the Doge community, and creates a playful atmosphere that is less serious than other digital currencies typically, as it was initiated in satirical roots to an extent. It has an interesting history to it, and you can read more about the ‘doge’ craze and integration into the crypto world here.

Doge token (DGE) & how it works

Dogecoin meme that started it all on a Bitcoin forum as satire in December 2013: “Dogecoin – very currency – many coin – wow”

Our Dogecoin explanation of the token in this network will remain simple. Dogecoin is a community built around the token, and it is the main feature of the system.

The Doge token is to make it easy to send monies and pay for things online, which also allows for a simple way to ‘tip’ content that you enjoy or found useful which adds some more meaning and value to internet interactions and content creators online. The network is mainly the token allowing for these interactions to happen with more ease and less time.

Dogecoin can be mined like other cryptocurrencies, but it does not have a circulation cap unlike most other digital currencies. Mining Dogecoin does not require as much extensive equipment as for mining Bitcoin or Ether.

Fun Fact! 

A crowdfunding project raised enough money to send a gold coin with the Doge symbol on it, to the Moon!!! It will arrive on the Moon in 2019.

So if you get involved in this silly community, you are likeily to see the ‘to the moon’ memes, and now you will know why!


Dogecoin Official Website

Dogecoin’s official site has some helpful videos explaining more about Dogecoin. They also have links and steps here to get involved with Doge and get some coins! They have desktop, web, mobile, and paper wallets compatible with most all common operating systems.

Getting Started with Doge Wallet Download

This links you to where you can begin with creating a wallet and then buying some Dogecoins.

Dogecoin charts & block info 


Dogecoin Foundation

The Dogecoin Foundation is the non-profit entity for the Dogecoin network and community. They have some great information located here about positive ways to get into the friendly community!

Dogecoin blockchain