Dash (DASH)

Dash (Digital Cash): Micro-transaction’s and Privacy for all!


Unsatisfied with the lack of privacy provided by Bitcoin, Dash was born out of a desire for an anonymous blockchain. Recent marketing pushes within Dash has revealed that they aim to be the number one blockchain for micro-transactions.

Bringing blockchain technology to the everyday Joe (or Jane) is a main goal of Dash, achieved by speeding up confirmation times via the InstantX network. Dash’s governance is completely decentralized and the organization has created a mining system that funds itself. Dash, also known as Digital Cash, can be spent online in various places, plus the protocol is self-funding and self-governing.


Official Dash Website

To follow the development team and other official announcements, check out http://www.dash.org. From here you can find links to get Dash, download a wallet, and find places to shop with Dash. You can also submit proposals. If you’re more of a video person, Dash Detailed might be what you’re looking for (this is also their YouTube page which has a lot of good videos). Also, check out their official network stats.

Official Dash Blog

Just getting started with Dash? Check out Dash’s blog for all the latest noteworthy news and Dash updates!


For more information on Dash, check out Dash’s Wikipedia page.


Official Dash Forum

Have a question or a comment about Dash? Shoot over to Dash’s official forum and keep up with all of the buzz surrounding Dash!


For a more loose, unofficial discussion, head over to Dash’s subreddit, /r/dash/ or /r/dashpay.

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Slack Channel – Dash Nation


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