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Blockchain is a great innovation, but this new technology has a direct cost that isn’t conducive to storing large things like pictures & videos. So what’s the solution to inherit all the unique properties of blockchains without storing data there directly? Using special cryptographic properties, it’s possible to split up large files into smaller chunks which can be individually encrypted and stored in other locations. The final piece is to store a unique identifier of the file structure in the blockchain for safekeeping. By using this linking technique, we get the anti-fragile properties of web3 without bloating the blockchain with unnecessary data. Check out our articles below for more information on decentralized storage projects.

WTF is Decentralized Storage

What Is Decentralized Storage?


It’s no secret that Centralized Storage has issues. One way to fix them is to Decentralize it! Join us for a rundown of projects working towards this goal.

Blockchain Token siacoin

Siacoin: Blockchain Token – What is it?


Siacoin is a decentralized cloud-like storage system, trying to make data storage safer and more cost effective. They claim their decentralized cloud storage is 10x less expensive than current cloud providers. Learn about how Siacoin works in this episode.

Decentralized Storage blockchain security

Decentralized Storage Is Essential to Data Security


A massive gap in security exists when storing data on centralized platforms. Decentralized storage can alleviate many issues of data security that current systems have. By storing data in a decentralized network, you can prevent problems and hacking of your personal data. Read more about it here!