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Blockchains & Airplanes – Ep 002


Come fly along with Taylor Gerring and Nick Fierro as they talk about all things blockchains, cryptocurrency, and decentralization! In Episode 2 of Blockchains & Airplanes, Taylor and Nick discuss the future of upcoming blockchain projects and how they will impact technology (and our daily lives) as they fly around Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Blockchains & Airplanes blockchains and airplanes

Blockchains & Airplanes – Ep 001


David Seaman and Taylor Gerring have an engaging discussion about the disruptive technology of blockchains. They do so at about 5,000 feet above Denver, Colorado. These two get deep into philosophical discussions and implications for societies as we adapt this new technology into our lives and institutions. Join Taylor and David on their flight conversing about blockchains in the first video of Blockchains & Airplanes.