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Here you can find Blockchain WTF’s various series. Blockchain memeWe have been working hard to develop great blockchain informational sources for you all, as well as entertaining incorporations of blockchain ideas!

Explore common technical questions with Ask the Expert (aka Taylor). Maybe you want to dig into ICO projects with Jeremy in ICO or NO. Or, if you are into narratives, read Jordan’s Tales from a Trader series. If you are feeling like relaxing more than exploring, check out our Blockchain Radio with news and prices from previous months. Finding Satoshi Nakamoto lets you investigate blockchain mysteries too.

WTF is wtf is an ico

WTF is… an ICO?


ICO Stands for Initial Coin Offering & is a play on the popular term “IPO”‘ standing for Initial Public Offering. Learn about what these ICOs are with us!

WTF is what is EIP-960

WTF is… EIP-960?!?


On April 1, Vitalik Buterin tweeted to a GitHub proposal, EIP-960, that would create a Ether supply limit. We give you the details of what it entails here!

Blockchain Token LBRY credits

LBRY: Blockchain Token – What is it?


LBRY is a decentralized multimedia solution that allows for sharing content and giving credit and payments to content creators. It is positioning itself to be a viable alternative to YouTube, all while using a blockchain.

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