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ICO or NO? Episode 17 ARToken


ARToken is looking to combine crypto with some of the most cutting edge technology. Jeremy goes over what the project is & market advantages they are trying to capitalize on.

Blockchain Token golem supercomputing

Golem: Blockchain Token – What is it?


Golem has an interesting project focusing on building a decentralized and distributed network that can function to share resources like computing power to create a supercomputer. Episode 13 of Blockchain Token covers Golem’s supercomputer project!

Blockchain and You Rachel Maib

Blockchain & You – Rachel Maib Ep. 007


In episode 7, we interview Rachel Maib for our “Blockchain and You” series. We ask her past, present, and future takes on blockchain, cryptocurrenies and their impact on her life. The blockchain-sphere has been apart of her life for a few years now, and she has some strong ideas on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology!

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