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Corrupt charities are definitely alive and well. Some believe blockchains can be a means towards providing more transparency for charities and nonprofits. Instead of donating to charities, not knowing if they are really using your money to aid those in need, or overpaying their higher ups, blockchains offer a transparent way to see how our donations are being used, and whether or not that is appropriately. Read about the benefits of blockchains for nonprofits here!

Blog Girlcon 2018 and The Blockchain Institute of Chicago

Introducing the Blockchain Institute of Chicago & GirlCon


Girlcon held their 2018 event last Saturday, and we attended the event to discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our talk at the event was also our first debut as Blockchain Institute of Chicago! Learn about Girlcon, see some pics, and learn about BIC!

WTF Productions Danny Johnson Interview

An Interview with Danny Johnson of Pinkcoin – Part 1


Johnson started Pinkcoin in 2014 as one of the first Proof-of-Stake chains with a goal of revolutionizing charitable giving by bringing it to a blockchain via a cryptocurrency. His unique entrance to the space offers insightful perspectives! Our interview with Danny Johnson gives you the details.

ICO or NO aidcoin

ICO or NO: Episode 25 AidCoin


CharityStars, the company behind AidCoin, is using blockchain technology to revolutionize how charitable giving occurs. Learn about AidCoin in this episode!

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