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Have you ever gone to a new doctor and had to fill out paperwork that is almost exactly the same as paperwork at another doctor? The same questions about health issues, family history, and your body… Some say healthcare is an industry that clearly needs some digital revolution influence. Medical records on a blockchain, owned by the individual and easily distributable to various doctors sounds good to me. Read about impacts to the healthcare industry here.

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Medical Records Can Greatly Benefit From Blockchain Technology


While the discussion in 2017 has largely been within the insurance industry and the repeal of Obamacare–also known as the ACA–other issues have become glaringly obvious. Costs surrounding healthcare have soared, owing to a variety of factors. Without question, though, issues existed prior to the adoption of Obamacare. The digital age presents further challenges in the healthcare industry. Navigating the technological healthcare waters is daunting, to say the absolute least. Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to this industry and to everyone who is impacted by healthcare (aka us all!).

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How Blockchain Will Impact Healthcare


The healthcare industry is currently set to face a massive overhaul. With change knocking on the doorstep, it really begs the question: how will technology have its hand in shaping this transformation? While many answers have been asserted none look more promising than blockchain technology.

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Healthcare Data Set to be Revolutionized by Blockchain


The healthcare industry needs the advancement of blockchain technology. Currently, centralized health systems have shown to be hackable. This weakness ultimately compromises patient privacy and confidence in the healthcare data system, as a whole. Read how blockchains can solve these issues.