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Blockchains may revolutionize enterprise industries, which can be clear to see by browsing various industries listed on this page. Enterprise can be greatly and positively impacted by blockchains. They provide secure and transparent ways for tracking transaction within and between businesses, whether that be financial records, customer records, receipts, orders, etc. It can change the way we use contracts with employees and partners, if we begin to implement more smart contracts in a blockchain world. So, the internet of things and blockchains will definitely influence the enterprise, and you can read news and ideas about it here.

Moving the Chain Richard Branson blockchain

Moving the Chain Spotlight #38: Richard Branson


Sir Richard Branson is an esteemed entrepreneur who has been an avid supporter of both bitcoin and blockchain technology for several years now. Believing in the “economic revolution,” Branson holds blockchain summits, and his company accepts bitcoin. Learn about his great work here.

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